Thiago Gomes Lessa of Brazil qualified fastest at the Red Bull Yuping Longboard Open today, closely followed by fellow Brazilians Max Ballesteros and Tiago Mohr in a scenario that is becoming routine in 2016, as the travelling Brazilians stamp their dominance on the early stages of the World Tour.

Jenny Shauerte of Germany was the fastest woman, while Robert Burns of Hong Kong was the fastest junior. In Masters, Adam Yates of Australia topped the list; a fitting result for the man who has been so instrumental in putting this race on the world map.

Yuping Repechage

Can anybody stop the rampaging Brazilians here? Max Vickers of the US came closest today, narrowly ahead of the young Australians Roy Churchland and Harry Clarke. Just behind them lies the wily old dawg, Adam Yates, while in tenth place lies the fastest local, Qing Yunhui.

OK, caption contest?
OK, caption contest?

Today's results

Max Ballesteros
Max Ballesteros

Tomorrow's brackets

Tiago Mohr
Tiago Mohr

Monday Running Order

  1. Practice Run
    • Rider Uplift
  2. Open Skateboard Round 1 (32 riders)
    • Rider Uplift
  3. Open Skateboard Quarter Finals (16 riders)
  4. Womens Practice Run
  5. Masters Practice Run
    • Rider Uplift
  6. Masters Semi Finals
  7. Womens Semi Finals
  8. Open Semi Finals
    • Rider Uplift
  9. Masters Final
  10. Juniors Final
  11. Womens Consolation Final
  12. Womens Final
  13. Opens Consolation Final
  14. Opens Final
    • Podium presentation

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