Red Bull Yuping Longboard Open 2016

Event info

Dates 23/04 - 25/04/16
City/Country Ya'an, China
Type World Qualifying Series
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Registration info

Registration fee $ 181.00
Rider limit 120


Redbull Yuping Cup

The Yuping Cup, deep in the heart of China, has joined the IDF Asian circuit for 2016. Nestled at the foot of the Himalayas, this promises to be an unforgettable experience.

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Rider list

# Name Nat.Nat. Category
1.Gerrit GeigerDEOpen skateboard
2.Myrjam WeißschuhDEWomen
4.Harry ClarkeAUOpen skateboard
5.Chul Min JunKROpen skateboard
6.Seunghun LeeKROpen skateboard
7.Kyung Hun KimKRMasters
8.Jin-Hee YooKROpen skateboard
9.Seulgi LeeKROpen skateboard
10.Nicolas RaynerAUOpen skateboard
11.Quirin IlmerATOpen skateboard
12.Elissa MahNZWomen
13.Kyunghun LeeKROpen skateboard
14.Tae yun LeeKROpen skateboard
15.Shijie CaoCNOpen skateboard
16.Yang XiaoCNJuniors
17.Shen YonkeeCNOpen skateboard
18.Max BallesterosBROpen skateboard
19.Anna PixnerATWomen
20.Ryan NichollsAUMasters
21.Jeongho AnKROpen skateboard
22.Zuzana BeranováCZOpen skateboard
23.Wei SheCNOpen skateboard
24.Cameron HancockAUOpen skateboard
25.Tan DaijianCNOpen skateboard
26.Sun QiankangCNJuniors
27.Liang HeCNLuge
28.Yue GaoCAOpen skateboard
29.Wing Tsun Thomas SsCNOpen skateboard
30.Dick 001CNOpen skateboard
31.Max VickersUSOpen skateboard
32.Robert BurnsHKJuniors
33.Zhizhen RenCNOpen skateboard
34.Hoi Ki LawHKOpen skateboard
35.A.J ChengTWOpen skateboard
36.Chi Wang ChanCNOpen skateboard
37.Adam YatesAUMasters
38.Qing YunhuiCNOpen skateboard
39.Turtle Wu XinhongCNOpen skateboard
40.Jerome ZengCNOpen skateboard
41.Yu-Ching ChangTWOpen skateboard
42.Allison ZhuTWOpen skateboard
43.He QiaoCNOpen skateboard
44.Air UncleCNOpen skateboard
45.Zhou ZhouCNWomen

Riders p/nationality

  • CN - 17
  • KR - 9
  • AU - 5
  • TW - 3
  • DE - 2
  • AT - 2
  • HK - 2
  • NZ - 1
  • US - 1
  • CZ - 1
  • BR - 1
  • CA - 1

Riders p/category

  • Open skateboard - 33
  • Women - 4
  • Masters - 4
  • Juniors - 3
  • Luge - 1

There are riders from 12 different nationalities attending this event.

1. Flights to Chengdu

Fly into Chengdu airport, Sichuan province.

2. Bus to Yuping, Ya’an

A special bus for riders and spectators is available to get to and from Yuping, Ya’an.

  • April 22 4:00pm: Chengdu to Yuping
  • April 25 7:30pm: Yuping to Chengdu

There are two ways to get to the Shuttle Bus Gathering Spot (Red Flag in the Map)

  • Chengdu City Subway Line One (Sichuan Gymnasium Station)
  • Airport Shuttle Bus Line One (Chengdu Digital Plaza – by the east of the East Gate of Sichuan Gymnasium Station)
  • (Red Stars in the Map)

Yuping Bus Map

You must book and pay for the bus by April 18, 6:00pm (China time). Use the form below.