Showdown at the Loops – Day 2: Track Break Down


Maryhill Loops Road is a classic downhill track. The road doesn’t require heavy braking forcing riders to focus on roll speed and race strategy. With 2.2 miles from start to finish and a consistent grade, it is tough to separate from competitors.


Weather conditions play a large role in gear choice and tactics. Track temperatures can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and winds can increase or decrease speeds upwards of 20mph.


The start is a long push before you settle into your tuck. Speeds are slow as you gradually build momentum through the first set of corners. While the turns are easy, it’s important to take precise lines for the shortest and fastest route.


As you exit the top set of corners, pack positioning become a chess game. With 6 racers to a heat, big draft pockets are opened up enticing aggressive lines.


After the first straightaway, you bend around a left sweeper into Backbreaker Right. This long right hairpin offers a variety of lines depending on your positioning in the pack.


Racers protect their lines as they roll through Spaghetti into Never Ending Left. With over 180 degree change of direction, riders are rewarded for maintain their tuck. The transition into the next 90 right opens up the pack and sling shots riders down the next straightaway.


As riders drop into Ambulance right, racers in the back of the pack need to make sure the front group doesn’t break away into the first set of Repeaters.


The Repeaters are two separate left right corner combinations separated by a straightaway. They bend a little over 90 degrees each way. Packs generally bunch up at the entry of the each set, making racers be protective of their lines.


As you exit the second Repeater, you enter the longest straightway on the course and jockey for positioning heading into Cowzers.


Cowzers is generally the most decisive corner on the track. It has left sweeper leading into a decreasing radius 180 right. Maximum exit speed is critical to make any passes before the last corner.


The last left is a tight 170-degree turn that is tough to make a pass in. The finish line is shortly after the exit of the turn that has cause daring passes in the last moments.


Stay tuned to the IDF (Facebook, Instagram), for updates. Day 3 at the Showdown is timed practice. Tomorrows coverage will focus on the top riders equipment. Full Photo Album from Day 2.