Showdown at the Loops – Day 1


The Showdown at the Loops has begun as racers start trickling in from the east coast leg of the North American IDF Series. Located in Maryhill, Washington, this track features 2.2 miles of flowing corners. Race tactics and drafting play a large role in the final results.


Hosted by the Maryhill Ratz, this five day festival gives racers ample time to dial in the course. The hill is a consistent grade of 5% but winds have a large affect on the top speed of the track. Tailwinds can push speeds upwards of 50mph.


Many of the top contenders for the 2016 IDF World Champion title are in attendance. Current #1 rank skateboarder, Max Ballesteros , and #2 ranked luge, Kolby Parks, are looking to secure a second qualifying event win.

Past Maryhill Champions (left to right): Emily Pross, Zak Maytum, Scott Smith

The task will not be easy as 2015 defending World Champions, Carlos Paixão (Open Skateboard), Mikel Echegaray Diez (luge), and Emily Pross (Women Skateboarding) are present. These points are vital towards any top contenders title race.


Day 1 of practice went smoothly as riders took upwards of a dozen practice runs. Many riders took only a few runs to save their energy for qualification and racing.


Stay tuned to the IDF (Facebook, Instagram), for updates. Day 2 will feature a course break down. Link to Photos from Day 1.