Oscar Gutierrez leads the pack at La Lucha
Oscar Gutierrez leads the pack at La Lucha

Oscar Gutierrez sealed the beginning of the South American tour by beating the experienced Douglas Dalua in a double duel in the semifinal and the final runs, which the young Mexican took at the 90 km/h drift into the last double corner. A very exciting and fast day in Costa Rica at an incredible venue that will be sure to return for more action.

La Lucha Open Podium
La Lucha Open Podium

A US$1,500 cash purse were distributed to the following podiums.

Open Results

  1. Oscar Gutierrez
  2. Douglas Silva
  3. Iuri Maggi
  4. Arturo Chaves

Women Results

  1. Cassandra Duchesne
  2. Mabelyne Gomez
  3. Kala Chaves

Junior Results

  1. Albis Daniel Gomez Guevara
  2. Jeremias Gasparotto
  3. Iury Pedrosa

Masters Results

  1. Nicolas Desmarais
  2. Marlon Barquero Cubero

For full results visit Abec 11 La Lucha DH WQS 2016

Cassandra Duchesne, La Lucha 2016
Cassandra Duchesne

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