The first ever internationally sanctioned race in Costa Rica and Central America began with a sunny day, with the Abec 11 La Lucha DH WQS kicking off the South American Tour. Riders with the caliber of Douglas Dalua, Max Wippermann and Nicolas Desmarais are set to battle it out with strong local riders like Brian Sandoval and Javier Arce.

Start Line at Abec 11 La Lucha DH 2016
Start Line at Abec 11 La Lucha DH 2016

The track is 1.6 km long and features a bunch of fast sweepers with some rough patches that could send you off the road. The hill is within a tourist action sports / factory compound in the forests of Cost Rica. We had a 6am breakfast of Gallo Pinto, Costa Rica's typical dish, and local coffee to start the day. Riders were timid as things kicked off, but with around eight runs before lunch it wasn't long before people were charging. Storms were brewing and it rained on and off during the second half of practice day.

Racing starts early tomorrow to avoid the rain, and it will be an exciting and challenging day. Follow the action here:

Abec 11 La Lucha DH WQS 2016 Race Brackets

A fast corner during the race.
A fast corner during the race.
Sticking the corner.
Sticking the corner.


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