Final bracket B - Kozakov 2014
Final bracket B - Kozakov 2014

The friday at Kozakov was repechage day, also known as bracket B and C. The 4 winners of every bracket, moved up to the next. So this was a race for the final four spots in the A bracket. The day started out with a thick wet fog, which made the track all wet. After almost 2 hours of waiting for the sun to come out, the track became a bit more dry and some volunteering riders were sent down the track to inspect it while riding.

Their report was; it's patchy but doable, so the riders for the C bracket were gathered. It seems a lot of them partied hard the night before already because there were a lot of riders who weren't showing, so there where many DNS's (Did Not Start), even a complete heat of riders not showing. The bracket went smoothly and in the end there were 4 riders left standing;

Christopher Ehret
Ronald Huhne
David Fabek
Prokop Daniel
They moved into bracket B.

After the final there was some time for freeriding/warmup run for the bracket B riders. The road had completely dried up again and the sun came out as well, so bracket B had some nice weather conditions. Also the riding is of a higher quality so there were some nice runs coming ahead.

It seems the riders weren't crashing as much as in 2013, when Kozakov almost ran out of hay bales, due to the many, many crashes in the first and fourth corner. Honza then begged the riders to be careful on each run. Luckily this year the ambulance has hardly been used for any serious crashes.

After the quarter finals 8 names were still remaining, who would battle it out for those last 4 desired spots in the A bracket. These 8 were:

Rasmus Klintrot
Martin Klawitter
Harry Clarke (junior)
Marcus Aldinucci (junior)
Esaja Ekman
Lars Mikalsen
Tim Scott
Elena Corrigall

Bracket B

Final (These 4 move into bracket A)
1 Elena Corrigall
2 Tim Scott
3 Martin Klawitter
4 Harry Clarke

1 Lars Mikalsen
2 Marcus Adinucci
3 Rasmus Klintrot
4 Esaja Ekman

Mentioned riders

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