Almabtrieb 2014 is over and man what an event this was. Yesterday was the final day and the heats in the A bracket were stacked as hell. Every run had big names in it, so it was very exciting and anybody's guess to see who got knocked out in the first round and who stayed in.

Just to name a few riders, who got knocked out in the first round; Kyle Wester, 2013 Winner Matze Ebel, Erik Lundberg and Calvin Staub. See the whole list of riders on our Facebook post here. The level was very high and riders were really challenging each other to go big.

The finishes were really close as you can see on the photo below, which shows (from left to right) Zak Maytum (USA), Rob McWhinnie (AUS) and Deen Mondt (NL).

Close finish @ Almabtrieb 2014
Close finish @ Almabtrieb 2014 with Zak Maytum, Rob McWhinnie and Deen Mondt - Photo by Beee

The weather was again superb and luckily there were no serious incidents/crashes. Risch corner was again the spot where all the action happened and people got their money's worth. Some spectacular (but not too serious) crashes/moves were seen in this corner which had a live announcer, telling the crowd who's coming down the track. It was sensational.

Almabtrieb's race director Eimer had planned the race schedule almost down to a tee, which is definitely worth mentioning. We we on time all through the day, at sometimes even ahead of time. Due to a fairly heavy crash in the last corner and a protest, the schedule was a bit delayed but he still managed to finish around the time he had planned it. Big up for Eimer, Stephan, Olivier and all the Almabtrieb organizing team !


1. Kevin Reimer
2. Patrick Switzer
3. Jimmy Riha
4. Matthew Kienzle


1. Elena Corrigall
2. Tamara Prader
3. Marie Bougourd
4. Tina Zobel


1. Jakob Eriksson
2. Benjamin Tillius
3. Max Hummel
4. Pan Diemer

After the (crazy) awards ceremony the party started and went on till late at night and that's where the end was for Almabtrieb 2014. Thank you all, GERMANY was a AMAZING, hope to see you next year!

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