Today was race day for brackets B and C and it was a tight finish in some heats. People were overtaken less than 5 meters before the finish line, so the transponders were really proofing their worth here.

We started the morning with bracket C, a 64 man heat; 16 rounds, then 8, then 4, then 2 to seed the finals and finally the 2 finals itself. The 4 best riders moved up to bracket B. These 4 are :
1. Esaja Ekman
2. Garino Georgio
3. Mihael Zadravec
4. Giuseppe Maltese

We were again fortunate to have beautiful, hot weather and luckily no serious accidents occurred. Like every year the Risch corner was the most interesting of all, where people came together to watch some exciting cornering and of course some crashes. Even though nobody wanted any riders to get hurt, they were hoping for some spectacular moves.

Nicola Nührig @ FInish Almabtrieb 2014
Nicola Nührig @ FInish Almabtrieb 2014 - Photo by Beee

We then repeated the entire schedule of the morning but then for bracket B. After 32 exciting heats bracket B was finished and bracket A was seeded for tomorrow. The 4 riders which moved to bracket A are:
1. Quirin Ilmer
2. Mauritz Armfelt
3. Paul Brosig
4. Olivier Dehmel

The schedule of tomorrow will start with women and juniors, which will run until the semi finals. After that the open class will run until the semi finals as well. Then we'll run all finals simultaneously, including one heat of masters (40+), so all classes will ride their finals in the afternoon.

Of course we will provide live updates through Google Docs and Facebook. Stay tuned, because it will be exciting.

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