Logo Almabtrieb 2014 Almabtrieb 2014 is in full swing, the weather is perfect with temperatures around 25 degrees non-stop. We started yesterday with a full day of freeriding/practice and everyone was enjoying a relaxed day of riding. Riders weren't going all out (or were riding very safe), which showed in the number of accidents, because there weren't any.

Today it got a bit more serious, because it was qualification day. Due to uncertain timing circumstances we decided to go with race to qualify at forehand, which was welcomed by (almost) all of the riders. Transponders were assigned and 180 riders lined up for their first rounds.

Riders were sent off in 4 man heats and we ran 2 full rounds before the lunch break. During lunch a lot of riders jumped into the small creek of water to cool off, since temperatures were almost reaching the 30's. This unfortunately resulted in several riders forgetting the transponders which made it a bit more work to keep track of who was finishing.

3 more runs were done after lunch and after these 5 runs brackets A, B and C were seeded, based on the qualification results. Repechage (brackets B and C) will be ran on the friday, where the final four riders will move up to the next bracket.

Saturday will see the finals for women, juniors and masters (all 16-men brackets) and in the afternoon, the final 64 of bracket A. Stay tuned for more and also follow our Facebook updates.

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Berry Plasman

This post was written by Berry Plasman

Berry, or Beee as he's known by friends, is a downhill fan from the flattest country in the world. He supports the IDF during races and online, like building/maintaining the (new) IDF website. Next to that he runs Freerides.org, Sk8whls.com and SkateSafe.org.
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