We'd like to introduce you to the new 2021-2022 IDF Board:

  • Aaron Breetwor
  • Maxwell Dubler
  • James Hopkin
  • Zak Maytum
  • Luis Mogrovejo
  • Austin Pedroni
  • Tyler Topping

The vote tallies for the candidates were:

Zak Maytum 138 US
Tyler Topping 138 US
Maxwell Dubler 136 US
Aaron Beetwor 112 US
Austin Pedroni 101 US
Brian Cortright 92 US
Jack Collins 87 US
Chris McBride 81 US
James Hopkin 74 AU
Luis Mogrovejo 69 PE

The first board position is filled by the member who has received the most votes. The next board position is to be filled by the member who has received the most votes and who represents a continent not yet represented on the board. This is repeated until there are no more new continents to represent. The remaining seats will be filled in the order of the most votes received.

Zak was selected first from North America. Next was James Hopkin from PacAsia, followed by Luis Morgrovejo of South America. The remaining seats were filled, in order, from the remaining US candidates.


Mentioned riders

Chris McBride

This post was written by Chris McBride

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