The IDF would like to proceed with the setting of procedures and committee’s separate to the active board. These committee’s will play particular roles within the federation and will have the ability to better inform the incoming and active boards on a range of topics that the membership may see fit to discuss.

The first committee, and arguably the most vital for the board to remain in touch with the membership, is the forming of the Racing Committee. This committee will run offset to the IDF board with elections every 2 years, meaning this board will be 2020/2021.

We would like to have this voting open as soon as possible, and we are leaving it to the membership to discuss and vote for a Committee that you can trust and have your values instilled with. The process we will follow to prepare this board for active roles will be similar to the board's voting process.

We are calling for representatives all over the world and in all disciplines to bring themselves forward to the board. We will then tally the nominees and open voting on 31st May 10pm AEST. More information to follow in regards to the voting process. From here, the highest voted racing representatives in each class will be selected and have a chance to host their own meetings, collate their own agendas, and bring forward their key points of discussion to the IDF board meetings.

Representatives, 7 in total, selected will be as follows:
Top representative voted per region = total of 4
Top Street Luger
Top Woman
Top Adaptive
The IDF board will provide access to all appropriate resources for this committee to utilise and will be available to assist in any aspect possible. We must stress to the membership, the IDF board will distance themselves from involvement in an effort to let the committee target the areas they see fit.

To all nominees, please send through a profile and brief explanation as to why you would be fit for the position and 2 letters of recommendation to accompany this - either from fellow racers or event organisers involved with the IDF.

Please use this format for your subject line: Racing Committee | Full Name | Applicant Position
Your contact for this will be the Board : Please note: you must have participated in either or both the IDF 2018/2019 seasons to be eligible.

Feel free to publicly campaign for a position and please ensure when the time arrives you vote for a racing committee who will have your best interests at heart.

Max Heaton

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