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The IDF is proud to announce the first Racer Committee voted to help assist both the IDF staff and its members! The committee members should act as representatives of their constituents and use their insights to help the IDF improve all member communications and experience.

Please give a warm welcome to the racer committee members who won your vote:

North American Racer Representative Max Capps
Max Capps at Kozakov 2019A longtime racer with a lineage in drag racing, Max Capps placed 10th on the World Rankings during his first World tour in 2019. He has been an outspoken proponent for the creation of Pro and Amateur classes and helped to create a detailed proposal for IDF on the subject. He is easily reached through social media, and loves to discuss racing improvements for IDF!
Age: 30
Origin: Southern California, USA
Years Racing: 14 years
Favorite Track: Maryhill, Whistler, and Verdicchio
Why he loves this sport: I love skating but I really love racing. I like to push myself and the gear so that one day we can all experience the next breakthrough in performance.

Open Street Luge Racer Representative Will Stephenson
Another longtime racer, Will has raced internationally through many different eras of downhill. Will’s most recent top result was in 2018 when he earned 2nd place in the World for Street Luge! As a stuntman and Crew Manager in the Fire Service, he will also bring more perspectives on safety to the IDF staff. As an avid street luger, growing the street luge category is at the top of his priority list.
Age: 32
Origin: Worcestershire, United Kingdom
Years Racing: 16 years racing
Favorite track: Ah now that's a difficult one! For pure racing, it would be The Graveyard Call track in Annecy, France with the duel format, hairpins, and narrow track its difficult. The track that challenged me the most was Top Speed Challenge in Quebec, Canada with such high speed just processing what you needed to do was near impossible.
Why he loves this sport: I love this sport as it combines my favorite interests in engineering, design, racing, competitiveness, traveling, and meeting different people all around the world who also share this.

Women’s Street Luge Representative CJ Wilkinson
Also known as Mama Wilky, CJ has been one of the most outspoken proponents for the Women’s Street Luge class. Her work to bring the Women Street Lugers together for Maryhill 2019 played a massive role in the creation of the new IDF category. CJ brings a unique perspective as a skate mom turned skate racer, which will help her to consider the experience of both the master and junior racers - and their parents!
Age: 56 years
Origin: Idaho, USA
Years racing: 5 (if we count 2020 which didn’t happen)
Favorite track: Maryhill
Why I love this sport: I love this sport because of the comradery and sense of family that develops between racers/families/organizers. No matter where we may come from, we are united in our passion for downhill.

We’d like to thank everyone who ran and voted for the 2020-2022 Racer Committee. Your participation in IDF is vital to its success! The three nominees above will be joining the four nominees below in an IDF on-boarding process over the next few weeks. One of their firsts tasks will be to add an adaptive racer to the Racer Committee, which will complete the committee for the 2020-2022 term.

Your racer committee continued:

Asia-Pacific Racer Representative Harry Clarke
We are delighted to have the 2019 World Champion participate in the Racer Committee. Harry Clarke almost needs no introduction, but just if you were wondering…
Age: 22
Origin: Australia.
Years racing: 7
Favorite track: Devils Peak
Why does he love this sport? His like-minded degenerate friends who partake.

European Racer Representative Pearse D’Arcy
With personality and style to boot, Pearse D’Arcy is a guy who is sure to be making friends at the campsite. But there are no friends on race day! He proved his point in 2019 by coming 2nd overall in the European Continental rankings. Must be the tuck of the Irish, I tell ya.
Age: 24
Origin: Ireland
Years Racing: 9
Favorite Track: Vulcan
Why does he love this sport? The community!

South American Racer Representative Sabrina Ambrosi
Chances are if you’ve lurked around South America in recent years, you’ve raced against the machine that is Sabrina Ambrosi. You’ve probably seen her on Instagram roasting workouts preparing to dominate next season, and it’s pretty clear she has a great amount of devotion to becoming the best! Sabrina earned some impressive results last year as the undefeated Women's Champion of her continent with a very honorable 3rd place in the Open Skate category.
Age: 33
Origin: Argentina
Years Racing: 6
Favorite Track: Vulcan
Why does she love the sport? How it made her life and everything around it make sense.

Women’s Skateboard Racer Representative Teresa Gillcrist
Teresa Gillcrist is one of the nicest people you will encounter throughout the circuit and in recent years has been busy tuning and refining her style and technique. On her first World Tour, she placed an astounding 2nd place in the Women's Skate category - beating out some veterans and hot-shots alike!
Age: 22
Origin: America
Years Racing: 2
Favorite Track: Vulcan
Why does she love the sport? The people, the traveling, and mastering control over her board.

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