Dear IDF Members,

It is the responsibility of this Board to inform the membership of the resignation of acting President, Carl Sambrano and board member Max Heaton, as of October 10, 2020. The Board has accepted the resignation of both Board members, therefore, vacating both positions.

The resignation of Carl Sambrano was received via email moments before the Board was to convene to respond to charges levied by board member Uldis Tretmanis against the acting President for Dereliction of Duty. Carl Sambrano and Max Heaton’s resignations surrender their right to hearing any and all sections of Article 16 and right of appeal and any and all sections of Article 17 of the IDF constitution. Further details of the charges against Carl Sambrano and resignation of Max Heaton will not be disclosed in lieu of said resignations. It is the duty of every Board member and member in good standing to abide by the rules and regulations set forth in the constitution of the IDF.

Pursuant to Article 20 of the IDF constitution, “the Board may appoint a member of the Federation to fill the vacancies and the members so appointed are to hold office, subject to these rules, until the conclusion of the annual general meeting next following the date of the appointment.” The board has convened an emergency meeting and has appointed Grace Wong as President in trusteeship until the next AGM, early next year.

We have requested that Carl Sambrano returns the timing system to a current board member and vacate debts owed to the IDF. We are confident that this will be done well before the commencement of the next season.

It is with sadness that the Board accepted the resignation of both Board members and forced the Board into emergency action as stated above. The Board is confident in the duties of the remaining officers and will continue in its goal to promote the downhill disciplines of Street Luge, Downhill Skateboarding, and the Adaptive category.


The IDF Board of Directors

Grace Wong, Chris McBride, Uldis Tretmanis, Luis Mogrovejo, and Candice Dungan

Candy Dungan

This post was written by Candy Dungan

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