The IDF board updated its protective gear requirements during the last rulebook review. Although the updated Rulebook is not yet released, the IDF board wants to give all racers ample time to secure their protective gear for its selected date of implementation. In this article, you will find the new rules relating to protective gear and resources to help ease any financial burden.

Eye protection

You don’t have to wear your visor, but you must wear a form of eye protection. This can be sunglasses, safety glasses, prescription eyeglasses, ski goggles, or any other type of eye protection.

This rule was created to protect racers’ vision from foreign objects that can not be fully eliminated from the course. This includes rocks, pebbles, twigs, flying bugs, and birds.

Proper eyewear leads to more racing at Gravity Fest 2019, with Daina Banks and Andy Atchison moving into the next round.

Suit Regulations

With the trend of Kevlar (aramid fiber) suits on the rise, the board added a regulation regarding aramid fiber suits to ensure the safety of racers. All suits using aramid (Kevlar) fiber must now have double aramid stitching.

Important note: all leather suits must also have double stitching, but aramid fiber isn't required.

CE Level 2 verification

Back Protectors - starting 2021!

In 2019, the IDF board received multiple, member requests to mandate back protectors. At the same time, it became a necessary regulation in order for the IDF to pursue partnerships that grow the recognition of downhill. Lastly, this regulation aligns IDF with top extreme sports organizations around the world, such as IFSA (International Freeskiers & Snowboarders Association), who recently made back protection mandatory for competition.

Xavia Level 1 Back Protector - available now!

The IDF regulation requires racers to wear a back protector with level 1 CE or higher. The back protector should have certification verification on it.

Through Xavia, you can purchase leathers with a Level 1 or Level 2 certified back protector built-in. Xavia can also leave space for an Icon D30 Viper Stealth protector (rated Level 1 CE), which you buy separately ($30) and add-in. Click here to watch a video of the Icon D30 Viper Stealth protector and find out how to know if a back protector is certified.

Another option is to purchase a certified, stand-alone back protector.

IDF Member Discount for SHRED back protectors

IDF has partnered with SHRED to bring high-performance back protection to members at a discounted price.

Click here to watch SHRED’s slim and flexible design, that doesn't compromise safety.

And, click here to watch the SHRED drop-ball test.

All members will receive an email this week with a SHRED discount code. This code will allow members to purchase back protectors at 35% off. IDF will receive a 15% kickback for every back protector sold using the discount code; funds raised will be used to grow IDF. If you do not receive your email after next week, then please contact the board at to receive your code.

We hope these resources will aid you in the universal quest for increased safety and recognition of Downhill Skateboard and Street Luge racing.

Candy Dungan

This post was written by Candy Dungan

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