Wait no longer; The 2020 South American tour is here! We, the IDF, apologize for the delay, thank you for your patience, and are proud to share the full World Tour with you!

The South American tour will begin in familiar territory with the beloved La Leonera WQS in Colombia. Next, it will continue to Guatemala for GT Downhill WQS - a road that boasts speeds over 120 km/h! Lastly, the South American AND World tours will finish strong with tight racing and scenic views in Argentina for La Violenta World Cup!

Plan your South American tour for these dates:

La Leonera WQS, Colombia, August 22-23
GT Downhill WQS, Guatemala, August 28-29
La Violenta World Cup, Argentina, September 11-13

Adjustments to the 2020 World Tour Rankings:

The IDF is a democracy that takes your feedback into account. After receiving feedback from racers, we have made two small changes for the 2020 season;

1. Open Skateboard Racers may count WQS finishes towards their World Tour rankings (best 5 races will count, max 5 WC). Winning first place in Open Skate at a World Cup is worth 1000 points compared to 650 points for first place in Open Skate at a World Qualifier Series.

2. ALL Continental titles will be decided by the racers’ top three continental finishes from at least two countries.

Thank you again for your patience and dedication to top-level Downhill skateboard and street luge racing. See you on the track! #IDFracing

Candy Dungan

This post was written by Candy Dungan

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