Vulcan is THIS WEEKEND! As the last event on the European tour, it’s “make or break” for many European racers. We broke down the points for an up-close view of what it takes to be 2019 European Champion!

Open Skateboard

Tristan Cardillo, CH, is back to defend his European Champion title with 1,809 points.  Yanis Markarian, FR, is his biggest competition with 1,716 points. With only a 93-point difference, the fight for European champion comes down to Tristan and Yanis at Vulcan! Tristan needs to beat Yanis to claim the title for his second year, as where Yanis needs to place significantly higher than Tristan to win the European champion title. Examples of finishes that would allow Yanis to swoop the title from Tristan include:

  • If Yanis wins and Tristan gets 6th place.
  • If Yanis makes it into Finals and Tristan gets out in quarters with a 4th place.
  • If Yanis makes it into Consi’s and Tristan gets out before the quarter-finals round.

Womens Skateboard

Lisa Peters, NL, is WAY out in front with 1922 points after earning second place at BOTH Verdicchio and Kozakov behind Emily Pross, US. It doesn’t look like any woman can compete with her for the European Women’s champion title this year. Way to go, Lisa!

Masters Skateboard

Gerrit Geiger, DE, currently leads the Masters' rankings with 1,872 points. Derek Blanquer, ES, sits in second with 1,840 points. The 32-point difference means that Vulcan will be the deciding factor! However, neither racers are yet signed up for Vulcan. This could give the European Masters champion title to Olivier Gerling, FR, who just placed 4th at Kozakov, is signed up for Vulcan for the Masters category, and won the event last year for the Luge category.

Juniors Skateboard

Although many European juniors showed up for the fight, Grégoire Schwab, CH, and Raphael Waser, CH, are leading the charge with only a 57-point difference. Grégorie now sits in first with 1,961 points after winning Kozakov, and Raphael holds 1,904 points after earning 2nd at Kozakov! This fight will come down to the wire at Vulcan, and there’s even room for a tie; If Raphael gets first and Grégoire gets third, then they will have equal points in the European rankings.


Olivier is on our champion hopeful list yet again - this time for Luge! He’s currently leading the European luge rankings with 1,887 points. Ulrich Becker, DE. is in second with 1,813 points. The 74 point difference means that Ulrich needs to win Vulcan, with Olivier finishing in Consi’s, in order to take the European champion title from him. This will be a hard task to do, considering that Olivier won Vulcan in 2018!

Stay tuned to IDF this weekend to catch all the high-speed action! #idfracing #idfWC

Tristan Cardillo, currently in the lead for Euro Champion, looking tight at Kozakov 2019


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