Chase Hiller, US, wins Vulcan, Romania’s IDF World Cup, TRANSYLVANIA DOWNHILL.

The Hill Killer finally got his win, and on the most formidable track on tour! Chase has consistently made it to finals or semi-finals at every event he’s attended this year; he’s also been, fairly consistently, taken out from behind... until now. Chase finally got a chance to prove his full potential - and, wow did he prove it!

Chase now sits 2nd on the overall World Rankings, just 20 points (or so) below Harry Clarke, AU, who placed 2nd at Transylvania DH in an impressively fast and clean Finals' heat. Daina Banks, US, sits less than 10 points behind Chase in the overall World Rankings. It looks like this year's World Champion will come down to the wire in South America!

Chase Hiller leading Harry Clarke down Vulcan 2019 during the Finals' heat. Photo by Ty Topping.

For Women’s,

Feiyane Ruegg, CH, gave Lisa Peters, NL, a fight and made spectators say “who taught this girl to ride like that?” in response to her fast, dialed, toe-side drifts. In the end, Lisa dominated and took home her first World Cup win! Congratulations to Europe’s 2019 Women’s Champion, Lisa Peters!

Lisa Peters leading Feiyane Ruegg down Vulcan 2019 in their Finals' heat. Photo by Ty Topping.

For Luge,

Olivier Gerling, FR, won Transylvania DH AGAIN! The now 2x Vulcan Champion also earned Europe’s 2019 Luge Champion title! Ulrich Becker, DE, took 2nd place at Vulcan, which puts him in a solid 2nd place on the overall World Rankings.

Olivier Gerling takes 1st place at Transylvania DH 2019. Photo by Ty Topping

Pearse D’Arcy, IE, made a huge showing at Transylvania - earning a 3rd place podium position! We haven’t run the numbers yet, but it’s going to be a close call between Pearse and Yanis Markarian, FR, for 2019 European Open Skate Champion.

Racing veteran Patrick Switzer, CA, also turned heads’ on-course this weekend! He earned the 4th place position after beating out some of today’s top competitors.

Patrick Switzer giving it his all at Transylvania DH 2019. Photo by Ty Topping.

Nick Broms, US, won the Juniors category. Grégorie Schwab, CH, earned 2nd place, making him the new 2019 European Juniors Champion! Kyle Martin, CA, won for the Masters Category.

Nick Broms wins Juniors at Vulcan 2019. Photo by Ty Topping.

A special mention goes out to Elchje Minne, BE, for finishing 4th at Transylvania DH and 3rd in the European continental rankings for Luge. She is the only woman to race in the 2019 Luge category, so far. With MaryHill on the NorAm menu, will we see more female Lugers attending IDF events?

Elchje Minne sending it down Transylvania DH 2019. Photo by ty Topping

With the week coming to a close, it’s safe to say that Vulcan is a must hit on your Euro-event list! With speeds up to 120Kph, 30% grade, lots of tight corners, and endless runs via gondola, WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT?!

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