Tour De Maryhill 2019. Photo by Jon Huey.

Tour De Maryhill was indeed an event of MANY firsts! The Maryhill Ratz hosted a World Class event, all while navigating through new territory with racing categories like Adaptive, Women’s Streetluge, Junior’s Streetluge, Grand Masters, and Uphill Electric board racing.

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Harry ‘Haz’ Clarke WINS AGAIN! The Hong-Kong raised Australian has PROVED his talents time-and-time again. Not only did he win the infamous Maryhill, BUT he did it on his FIRST TRY. Unless Daina ‘Monster’ Banks, US, can win the last WQS of the season (Yaku Raymi), then Harry Clarke IS the 2019 World Champion! Well-earned, Haz!

Max Capps, US, almost defended his title, earning a second-place and proving yet again that he is BIG competition on Maryhill-style tracks. ‘Danger’ Dane Hanna, CA, came in a safe third-place and secured the 2019 NorAm title; Congratulations, Danger Dane!

Maryhill 2019 Open skate podium with Harry Clarke, Max Capps, and Dane Hanna. Photo by Jon Huey.

Daniel ‘Dangel’ Engel, US, took a cool 4th place, looking fast and consistent all day. Tim Del Rosario, US, took 5th despite having a broken toe that throws off his balance and kept him off the track most of the weekend; We knew he was a racing BEAST!

Other cool features:

Aaron ‘A-Swag’ Hampshire, US, was back-on-course and impressing the crowd! Even though he was freshly recovered from a sprained ankle, with barely any training, and riding his slalom set-up for the FIRST-TIME ever this weekend, A-Swag reminded us why he is a racer to be revered.

In his quarter-final round, A-Swag took a HERO inside pass on Davis Lanham, AU, Daina Banks, US, and Daniel Engel, US,  in the last left corner. This move took both Daina and Davis out of the race while allowing the new-to-IDF Sam Sparkowich, US, to sneak past some of the World’s best racers and secure a Semi-Final position.

Aaron Hampshire leads his Quarter-Final heat down Maryhill 2019. Photo by Jon Huey.

Second qualifier, Daniel Minsky, US, also made BIG moves in his quarters-Final round when he pulled a QUICK inside pass on Zak Maytum, US, in the last left. This secured his Semi-Final position and took ‘Kitty’ Calvin Staub, US, out of the race. In Minsky’s Semi-Final, both he and A-Swag led the pack through the first three corners UNTIL Zak got into the mix... Maytum took a super early inside INTO the corner and sandwiched A-Swag between Minsky at the corner apex. Both racers went down, while Zak moved on to the Finals Round placing 6th out of 6.


The Streetluge category saw early upsets when x-Games, Gravity Games, EDI, IGSA,  and IDF racers Lee Dansie, CA, and John Rogers, US, crashed in the first round. This allowed the beloved CJ ‘Mama Wilky’ Wilkinson, US, and Maryhill Ratz Noel Perkins, US, to move on to the Semi-Final round. In fact, BOTH Streetluge Semi-Final rounds saw a female racer because Jenn Butler, US, placed 2nd in her quarter-finals round behind 2018 World Champion Kolby Parks, US. Jenn even placed 3rd in her Consi round in front of USA World Roller Games athlete, Matt Bartlett.

In the end, the final round came down to Mikel Echegaray, ES, and Ryan Farmer, US, FIGHTING through the last corner for that WIN! Mikel defended his Maryhill Windwalk Champion title and took home the 2019 Tour De Maryhill Champion title! Congratulations, Mikel!

Maryhill 2019 Open Streetluge Podium with Mikel Echegaray, Ryan Farmer, and Kolby Parks. Photo by Jon Huey

Kolby Parks, CA, took a respectable third place, beating Tim Koch, CA, by two spots... which, unfortunately for Kolby, still puts him three points behind Tim Koch, CA, for the 2019 NorAm Champion title. Tim placed 5th at Maryhill, which combined with his Gravity Fest and Killington finishes, makes him the new 2019 NorAm Champion! Congratulations, Tim!

Other racers who made it to the Finals round were are USA World Roller Games athlete Frank Williams in 4th and España World Roller Games athlete Juan Calvo LĀzaro in 6th.

Tim Koch becomes 2019 NorAm Champion at Maryhill 2019. Photo by Jon Huey.


Emily Pross, US, won the Women’s round with distance, but her true victory was SLAYING her way to 8th place in Opens. She put on an incredible showing of clean, skilled, and fierce racing on a legendary track. Congratulations, Emily! Teresa Gillcrist’s recent racing experience is showing! She kept Emily in her view the whole way down the track, cruising her way into second place.

The real fight was for third place. Fresh-face Marcie Morgan, US, and 8-year-Maryhill veteran Nashley Alameda, PR, came into the last left corner side-by-side. Marcie swooped Nashley’s inside with a hard early apex, but Nashley had the exit speed and got her back before the finish line, earning her FIRST Maryhill podium!

Maryhill 2019 Womens Skate Podium with Emily Pross, Teresa Gillcrist, and Nashley Alameda. Photo by Jon Huey.


Sabrina ‘Sparklez’ Riffenburgh, US, absolutely dominated the push for Women’s Streetluge. Jenn Butler, US, tried to catch her, but Sparklez had too much of a lead. Brina crossed over the finish line without ever once seeing tail lights, becoming the 2x Maryhill Women’s Streetluge Champion! Congratulations to our FIRST Women's Streetluge Champion, Sabrina!

Sabrina Riffenburgh leading Jenn Butler down Maryhill 2019 in the Womens Streetluge Finals. Photo by Jon Huey.

Maryhill local, Megan Haver, US, took third place in Women’s Streetluge, keeping both Sparklez and Jenn in site for the whole ride! We hope to see this young gun getting into the mix at more races next year!

2019 Maryhill Womens Streetluge Podium with Sabrina Riffenburgh, Jenn Butler, and Megan Haven. Photo by Jon Huey


The Adaptive class taught us ALL so much this weekend. The biggest lesson learned: These skaters can RACE! Kassy Jhones, BR, BLASTED off the start line with the most incredible display of Brazilian PUSH POWER. The Open racers who were lined up at the top of the hill broke into a ROAR of STOKE when seeing this! Maryhill OG Lugenstein was SO impressed that he gave Kassy the #1 BADASS award!

Lugenstein giving the #1 BADASS award to Kassy Jhones at Maryhill 2019. Photo by Jon Huey.

But the excitement didn’t stop there: Daniel Edmondson, US, and Derrick Duncan, US, eventually caught and passed Kassy before fighting their way down the rest of the track. Daniel held the lead into first place, but Derrick continually worked on closing the gap and ALMOST got Daniel over the finish line! THE CROWD WENT WILD and it’s been decided: WE NEED MORE ADAPTIVE RACING! Stay tuned this offseason to find out more about the IDF Adaptive Class, and congratulations to Daniel Edmondson, our FIRST Adaptive Champion!

2019 Maryhill Adaptive Podium with Daniel Edmondson, Derrick Duncan, and Kassy Jhones. Photo by Jon Huey.


WE HAD SIXTEEN MASTERS RACING!! We haven’t seen this many masters in one place since the 2015 Maryhill Festival of Speed! E P I C.

Masters racing getting heated at Maryhill 2019! Photo by Jon Huey.

Kyle Martin, CA, took first place with a short but definitive lead. Maryhill veteran, local, and OG racer Robin McGuirk, US, took second place in the same fashion. The real fight was for third. Maryhill-veteran racer Dennis Manougin, US, caught John Rogers, US, by less than a board length and took home third place! Dennis also excelled at the uphill race on a homemade electric board this weekend - we look forward to seeing more from this whole crew!

Maryhill 2019 Masters Podium with Kyle Martin, Robin McGuirk, and Dennis Manougin. Photo by Jon Huey.

Cool feature: the top time for the Uphill race was 2:58 set by Jason Lucier - that beats EVERY downhill skateboard track record!


We had five Juniors racing, which was the most we’ve seen on the NorAm tour this year. Dylan Skaggs, US, took first place, James Nelson, US, took second, and Trenton Aiello, US, took third. We hope to see all of the Juniors racers at more IDF events next year!

Maryhill 2019 Juniors Podium with Dylan Skaggs, James Nelson, and Trenton Aiello. Photo by Jon Huey.

Cool feature: there was also a Juniors luge race with four racers under the age of eighteen! Shoutout to Nora Manger, US, for racing in BOTH Juniors categories! She also raced BOTH Womens categories - talk about a Queen of all trades!

Nora Manger, Queen of all trades, racing Maryhill 2019. Photo by Jon Huey.

Congratulations to all of our Champions and BIG THANK YOU to Dean Ozuna, Ali Johnson, and the whole Maryhill Ratz crew for providing a BANGER event! Make sure to put Maryhill 2020 on your MUST-RACE list! #IDFracing #IDFwqs #TourDeMaryhill #IDFNorAM

Tour De Maryhill 2019 Track Record holders. Photo by Jon Huey.

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2019 Maryhill Grand Masters Podium. Photo by Jon Huey.
2019 Tour De Maryhill Juniors Luge Podium. Photo by Jon Huey.
2019 Tour De Maryhill Uphill Electric Board Podium. Photo by Jon Huey.

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