Nick Broms once again comes through with the back to back Juniors/Opens win at Verdicchio 2019 and also made history this weekend by top qualifying with a new track record. After showing the world that he was down to rumble at Tame The Taipan with wins in Juniors and Opens it is now no surprise Nick can take it home anywhere he travels in both divisions.

The Open Skate podium consisted of Dane Hanna (CAN) 2nd, Chase Hiller (USA) 3rd, and Tristan Cardillo (SWI) 4th. The naysh was strong all weekend.

Open Skate Podium

Dane kicked out first, Nick Broms following, Chase 3rd, Tristan 4th. Tristan collided with Chase into the first major righty taking speed and removing himself from the race. Dane and Nick took some mediocre lines through the lower section allowing Chase to make ground and rejoin the pack. The order remained the same through the bottom section and into the flat left Dane over slid allowing Nick to take the lead. Nick managed to hold Dane off into the bottom right and Chase managed to stay close but couldn’t manage a pass.

Words from Chase Hiller and Nick Broms. Shout out to coach Kavon via Chase.

Womens Podium

Womens division was once again dominated by 4 times World Champion, Emily Pross. We witnessed some fantastic form and precision from Lisa Peters, Jenny Schauerte and Teresa Gillcrist. Lisa managed to take 2nd remaining tight to Emily, with Jenny and Teresa close behind.

Luge Podium

Luge went down with the battle of legends with heavyweights Kolby and Abdil battling out which unfortunately lead to Kolby disqualifying himself with a dangerous pass. An even distance was maintained through “Party Corner” and we managed to see Abdil take the win with Olivier swooping 2nd and Ulrich making 3rd.

Kyle Martin joined the Eurotour to continue his dominance in the Masters category maintaining a strong lead over Spaniard Derek Blanquer. Janos Szabo rounded out the podium with a 3rd place.

Junior Podium

Verdicchio overall was a fantastic event, it was tough conditions for the first day and we managed to see riders find their groove in days following. Huge congratulations to all the winners, and an even bigger congratulations to Nick once again for making history.

Stay tuned in the following days for a complete reshuffle of the Open Skateboard Rankings.

All Photos by Tyler Topping.

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