Day 1 is done and the reports from the hill are fairly similar, this hill in the wet is GREASY.

A drizzle set over Verdicchio in the early morning making some riders apprehensive about having a crack on this course but for those who showed their faces, there were only smiles.

We are expecting a dry course tomorrow for Qualifying and hoping the rain remains at bay, and with the Brazilian Storm absent from the event this year, who will we find at the top?

Harry Clarke and Alex Charleson Verdicchio 2018. Picture by Linus Marsh

Some Info:

This event along with Kozakov Challenge has been a staple for European racing for quite some time and we are incredibly stoked to have it once again feature on the World Circuit under the organisation of Fede Barbezio.

Verdicchio is a somewhat “friendly” track with top speeds of about 75km/h featuring a low difficulty top section which is mostly straight followed by a series of corners towards the bottom ranging from full hairpins to 90 degree lefts and rights.

Despite this tracks lower difficulty in comparison to the two other European events, it provides an extremely competitive atmosphere as most top riders will find they’re closely matched by others in qualifications and on race day.

Current track record for Open Skate is held by Thiago Gomes Lessa for a time of 2:19.30 from 2018 who also went on to win the race. Abdil Mahdzan remains the quickest Luger at Verdicchio with a 2:17.53 set in 2018 and Emily Pross also maintains dominance with her reign as fastest Womens skater with a 2:20.39 also set in 2018.

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