Practice Day at Killington World Cup was GNAR! The weather couldn’t make up its mind. Other than one dry run during midday, the course was either drenched or patchy. Many racers chose to sit out rather than embracing the adverse conditions. Of those who did skate, THEY SLAYED THE BEAST!

Dane Hanna leading Chase Hiller and squad through Killington's Tetanus Corner.

Killington’s top Open Skate racers were hardly stunted by the conditions. They still reached speeds over 100kph, sticking inside lines through all the cracks and holes.

Tim Del, USA, started the day off with FAST runs right off the bat, becoming a Tetanus Corner favorite! This set the bar for the day, and other top riders soon followed suit.

The most consistent of the day were Dane Hanna, CAN, Chase Hiller, USA, and Harry Clarke, AUS. All three racers were consistently taking banger lines in the front of their packs. Dane Hanna was looking especially fast, and we’re pretty sure that no racer beat him to Tetanus Corner all day.

Turning up the HEAT by the end of the day was Daina Banks, USA, Tristan Cardillo, CHE, and Josh Evans, AUS. All three look like they’re within striking range of that WIN.

Daina Banks CHARGES Bridge Left

All of these racers and more will be HUNTING this weekend! Whoever takes home the gold will earn valuable IDF points AND ample amounts of bragging rights.

Emily Pross gearing up to SLAY THE BEAST.

We checked in with the other skate categories, and their top riders were putting down HOT laps too! Not only do these racers look ready to smash their categories, but they may also be a force in the Open Skate category as well. These racers include Emily Pross, USA, for Womens, Kyle Martin, CAN, for Masters, and Nick Broms, USA, for Juniors.

Emily started more hesitant but was SMASHING lines by the end of the day. Kyle was consistently fast and dialed all day; carrying insane exit speed out of Tetanus Corner! Nick Broms seems to be struggling with the wet course a bit but maintained a close vicinity to the top pack.

Lugers, on the other hand, took fewer runs than did the skate classes. The only run we saw them in full force was the one, dry, midday run. During this run, all the lugers were very close to each other in speed, so we are expecting TIGHT racing!

Luge Run at Killington Practice Day

The new, patched, Bridge Left seems to be sending the lugers FASTER out of the corner. The increased cracks and holes don’t seem to bother them much, at least not compared to the year before. As a group, the lugers have asked to race Saturday in hopes to avoid a wet Sunday race. If their wish is granted, then tomorrow’s luge race is sure to be LIT!

Stay tuned to @IDFracing on Instagram and Facebook for live updates during tomorrow’s Qualifying Day. #idfracing

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