Getting shot by the cops has never been this much fun. Pic: Marion Ross
Local Killington police officer offers his speed gun talents. Photo by Marion Ross.

Emgee Event's Gravity Fest was just the warm up! Racers in NorAm will send the roughly-paved Killington track at speeds over 70 mph this weekend! Stay tuned with IDF starting at 9:00 am EST/ 14:00 UTC Sunday, so you don't miss a second of heart-racing, speed chasing!

Here are some of the racers you will meet at Killington World Cup this weekend:

Aaron Hampshire at Killington 2016. Photo by Harfang Wheels.

Aaron Hampshire, USA: A$wag is back on the IDF circuit as your Racer Rep for Killington. His last IDF race was Killington 2017 where he was the only Open Skate finals-heat racer who didn't wear a speedsuit in competition (speedsuits have since been banned). In 2016, Aaron placed 2nd at Killington behind previous four-time World Champion Carlos Paxiao, and in front of two-time World Champion Thiago Lessa. A$wag is your man for all questions pertaining to IDF rules and racer etiquette at Killington World Cup.

Opens Skate

Chase Hiller, USA: HILL KILLER currently holds the number one spot in the World for the Open Skate category. He has made it to the final round of racing at every 2019 IDF race so far. With three 2019 podiums under his belt, he is looking to add a World Cup win to his resume. This will be Chase's third year racing the Killington track, and he is prepped for the speeds of Killington as he just earned 2nd place at Whitcomb where racers hit speeds up to 70 mph.

Chase Hiller and Harry Clarke at Newton's 2019
Chase Hiller and Harry Clarke battle shoulder-to-shoulder at Newton's 2019.

Harry Clarke, AUS: Haz is the current 2019 Asia-Pacific Champion, with his sites set on the 2019 World Champion title. So far, he has bested Chase at every event that the two have met at this season. He has been known to do well at fast and sendy roads like Killington, although he has yet to race Killington himself. Can he best Chase again? Or will Chase's knowledge of the track finally best Haz?

Timothy Del Rosario, USA: Tim Del is our wildcard! Although he hasn't placed exceptionally well with IDF this season, he has earned multiple North American wins including Jake's Rash and Whitcomb. Both race tracks are similar to Killington in that they are fast and blasty. Tim earned 2nd place at Killington 2017. Can he best his own podium record by taking 1st place at the only 2019 NorAm World Cup?

Killington 2016 Open DH Podium: 1. Thiago Lessa, 2. Tim Del Rosario, 3. Max Ballesteros, 4. Aaron Hampshire. Photo: Khaleeq Alfred

Opens Luge

Kolby Parks, CAN: As last year's Open Luge World Champion, it should be no surprise that Kolby also won last year's Killington World Cup for the Luge category. Why? Because precedent shows that whichever Luger wins Killington, also wins the World Championship! With that reminder in the back of his mind, you can be sure that Kolby will be gunning for that gold this weekend. Who is his biggest competition?

Kolby Parks and Tim Koch scoping each other's lines at Gravity Fest 2019. Photo by Khaleeq Alfred

Tim Koch, CAN: Tim is HOT off a win at Gravity Fest and currently holds the number one spot in North America for the Open Luge category. He is also a Killington veteran; earning 1st in 2015 and 3rd every year since. You can rest easy knowing that Tim will not give up the 2019 Killington championship without a fight! With luge speeds hitting 80 mph, this is one finals' round that you are not going to want to miss!

Yan Triponez, CAN: Yan is our wildcard! He just landed his first IDF podium at Gravity Fest, and will be hungry for more! He's also familiar with the Killington track, as he made it into the final round for Luge at the 2018 Killington World Cup. Yan was originally an Open Skate racer but has been taking Luge lessons from Tim Koch the past two years. Can his gumption best the experience of both Kolby and Tim?

2019 Gravity Fest Luge Podium: 1. Tim Koch 2. Ira Hewton 3. Yan Triponez 4. Kolby Parks. Photo by Khaleeq Alfred

Womens Skate

Emily Pross, USA, has won the past four Killington IDF races for the Womens Skate category. With no other top-placing, female, veteran rider present (as of yet), it may seem like Emily has the title in the bag... but, as we know, anything can happen in racing. The underdogs are Ashley Winecoff, USA, and Teresa Gillcrist, USA, neither of whom have raced the Killington track before; with speeds of up to 70 mph, it's very possible that they're about to skate faster than they ever have.

2019 Gravity Fest Women's Podium: 1. Emily Pross, 2. Ashley Winecoff 3. Teresa Gillcrist. Photo by Khaleeq Alfred.

Who’s going to take the Killington World Cup titles? Stay tuned to IDF this weekend to find out! For registration and event details, click here. See you on the track!

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