Open Skateboard podium at Tame the Taipan 2019
Nick Broms, atop the podium

Sixteen year-old Nick Broms (US) truly tamed the Taipan, winning both the Opens and Juniors events on Sunday. In an unusual twist, the final featured Masters winner Kyle Martin (CA), at 35 more than twice Nick's age.

Finalists on the start line at Tame the Taipan 2019
The four finalists, Nick Broms, Kyle Martin, Chase Hiller, and Harry Clarke, wait nervously on the empty start line for the final run of the event.

The consolation final was cut short due to a serious crash at the entrance to "kitty litter" corner, where Josh Evans (AU) clipped the wheels of Mitch Thompson (AU) in front of him, sending them both hard into the hay, with Andy Atchison (US) close behind unable to escape the carnage and cannoning into them.

(Video courtesy of Jackson Shapiera)

2018's World Luge Champion Kolby Parks (CA) had an epic battle with Graham Brittain (AU). Graham out-paddled him off the start line, yet Kolby somehow managed to pass him on the short, narrow Taipan track.

Kolby Parks at Tame the Taipan 2019
Kolby Parks takes on Cactus Corner in his new poutine-flavoured suit. Photo: Matt Brown

Emily Pross (US) continued her uninterrupted winning streak in the Womens, with Lea Richard (FR) taking second.

Shannon Tully, Jack Brown, Sol Ewart and Cameron Hancock at Tame the Taipan 2019
Shannon Tully and Jack Brown get out in front of the carnage as Sol Ewart and Cameron Hancock get tangled up. Photo: Matt Brown

Tame the Taipan was a slickly-run event. The track is genuinely challenging, and is set amidst the semi-tropical beauty of the Australian Gold Coast's hinterland.

Tame the Taipan 2019 Sunset
The taipan sleeps...til next year.

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