Max Capps, Morgan Owens, Mitch Thompson and Daina Banks - finalists at Newton's 2019
Tension on the start line as the finalists line up

Newton's 2019 ended on a classic note. Mitch Thompson (AU), the hometown boy who grew up beside the famous Bathurst race track, conquered the world's best to win his first ever IDF World Cup race. To get there he overcame a serious shoulder injury that required surgery late in 2018, leaving him desperately short of practice and training.

Morgan Owens and Max Capps at Newton's 2019
Max Capps POV as Morgan Owens takes the early inside line into Forest Elbow.

He had an epic battle with Max Capps (US). Mitch led their semi-final from the start until Max got a double-draft to overtake him centimetres before the finish. Mitch again led from the start in the final, with Max parked in his draft in the perfect position for the draft until Forest Elbow happened. Max braked a little more than Mitch on the entry, and then Morgan Owens (US) blasted through the gap between Mitch and Max attempting an unlikely chop, further slowing Max, and leaving him too far behind the to catch the draft.

Chase Hiller and Harry Clarke at Newton's 2019
Chase Hiller and Harry Clarke battle shoulder-to-shoulder down Conrod Straight in semi-final A, but create a massive draft that both Morgan Owens and Daina Banks exploited.

Emily Pross (US) continued her utter domination of the Women's category, while 16-year-old Nick Broms (US) underlined his promise, winning both the Juniors and the Top 10 Shootout, and defeating Max Capps in their first round heat before crashing out in the second round.

At the other end of the age spectrum, Kyle Martin (CA) won the Masters and caused some damage in the Opens, eliminating Brennan Bast (AU) and Dane Hanna (CA) in the second round.

Mitch Thompson at Newton's 2019
Mitch didn't hesitate at shoey time on the podium.

In Luge, Abdil Mahdzan (MY) made it a Newton's threepeat against a typically strong Australian luge field.

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