Your new board was appointed May 19, 2019, to serve the 2019-20 term. Unfortunately, Federico Barboni chose to step down shortly after elections for personal reasons. The board is saddened by this news but will continue to work closely with Fede as a volunteer. Although the board is currently reduced to six members, they are determined to do the work of ten people. They intend to scout possible selections to fill the final board member position before the start of 2020.

Here are your new board members and what they’re doing for you:


Carl SambranoCarl Sambrano, President
As the only board member with previous IDF board member experience, Carl is the perfect fit to lead the new board members in their quests for increased safety, fairness, transparency, funding, and more. He has already conducted the first of ongoing, biweekly board member meetings, with all current board members in attendance. He has facilitated the first of many meetings between an IDF event organizer and the new board members. He is quickly bringing all board members up-to-speed with the current IDF situation, while simultaneously implementing new processes to progress IDF, skateboard, and luge racing.

Grace WongGrace Wong, Secretary
New Zealand/ Residing in Switzerland
The board is blessed to have Grace’s guidance in all IDF endeavors. Her experience in law and insurance allows her to guide each board member as they tackle issues like safety and transparency. Her organizational skills keep all board members on task and in-the-know. Her intelligence and problem-solving skills turn a dilemma into a solution at lightning speed. There is no doubt that Grace’s presence on the board gives a boost to every board member’s individual skill set.


Luis MogrovejoLuis Mogrovejo, Treasurer
Luis is the MVP. He has taken on the Executive role of Treasurer, as well as a role of safety and event management. With 45 events-managed under his belt, Luis is incredibly passionate about safety, event organization, and rejuvenating the South American race scene. He has already completed the first draft of IDF Safety Standards, which was shared with the rest of the board for review. His seven years of business experience also makes him a great candidate for treasurer, and the board feels confident that he will make the best use of IDF funds.

Uldis TretmanisUldis Tretmanis, Safety and Event Management
Uldis comes from a background of BMX, MTB, motorcycle, and car racing (apart from skateboard racing). He has watched each industry progress both their events and safety. Now, he would like to bring their findings to IDF in order to increase safety and professionalism. His background in Electronics/Geophysics will also aid him as he seeks the scientific knowledge behind skateboard and luge racing safety. He is working very closely with Luis to perfect safety standards and will be found at the next IDF race (Gravity Fest, USA).


Candy DunganCandy Dungan, Public Relations Specialist
As the peoples' choice, Candy is making it her duty to ensure that every member is heard and included. Her experience as a Public Relations specialist for a member-based, non-profit organization equips her with the experience needed to operate daily member communications, as well as top-level communications including sponsor relations, media relations, and managing an advertising team. She will also be working closely with Luis and Uldis to perfect a crisis prevention and management plan. Her email is; email her with literally anything IDF related to be heard.

Max HeatonMax Heaton, Media and Marketing Manager, Racer Rep
As the youngest board member, Max brings a valued perspective of our younger-member demographic. He will be working closely with Candy on the daily operations of member communications, as well as acting as the “big idea” guy when it comes to marketing events and promoting IDF’s racers. He will also act as a “racer rep” to help unite racers and the board; both at events and through IDF communications. Lastly, Max will be the point of contact for IDF event photographers and videographers, as well as managing video production. Max is also here to help you with literally anything IDF related. Contact him at to be heard.

With so much positive energy and expertise, the board is overflowing with a “get-stuff-done” attitude - stay tuned to see their work unfold before your eyes! And, don’t forget to sign up for the first leg of the NorAm tour here: Gravity Fest Registration and Killington Registration. See you on the track! #idfracing

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