The world tour is rolling in hot in South America. Mitch Thompson (AU), Josh Evans (AU) and Eduardo Falcao (BR) getting on the train during practice.

South America takes its turn to take part on being hosts for the 2019 World tour, first stop is a World Qualifying Series race in the rural part of Cali, Colombia.

Salida (Starting Line) La Virgen 2019 - Practice and Qualifying day

The day down La Virgen started like every other new track on the World tour, it was like a slow getting to know each other. The moderate speed around the bends made for some interesting line taking and exit speeds will surely be a thing come race day. But today was all about getting to know and qualifying to get into tomorrow's race.

Sabrina Ambrosi (AR) dominated Women's qualifying and is looking hot for that Women's South American Continental title.

The day started out with a dash of drops after the first 12 riders and then it poured. But while getting the race track ready for the 2nd qualifying run the track dried up and gave a colder surface. The old complicated card that was on the table for this qualifying day was would a colder surface yield more grip.

Morgan Owens (US) pushing early on towards a top qualifying spot during run 1. He also made it to 1:27 (1:27:79)

We will never know the answer to the reaction of the surface temperature complication but we do know that Mitch Thompson (AU) is the first ever track record holder of La Virgen. He also will be seeded 1st in the Open Finals race bracket

Mitch Thompson (AU) skipped the first qualifying round but was fastest for the day. (1:27:46)


World title update: Daina Banks plays a part in the season long drama of "Airline Chickens". Some how (in a Daina kind of a way) he qualified 5th.


Kevin Guevara (PE) doing a double category. 2 Peruvians are in the Street Luge category.
Sirley Tabarles (CO) leaning towards lines, she is 2nd and in the hunt in the Women's category.

Photos: Camilo Vargas and Carl Sambrano

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