The third stop on the South American IDF tour, La Violenta in Sangasta, Argentina, takes places this weekend!

Santiago Espeche at Seaside race where he had the fastest qualifying time in 2017.

The event is hosted by Santiago Espeche, an international racer from Argentina who is committed to providing a World-Class race for Argentina and the racers around the World. The top-placing racer in the Open Skate category will win 800 USD, and the top-placing racer in other categories could win up to 400 USD.

Argentina’s top female racer, Sabrina Ambrosi, explained the track to us:

“La Violenta is a very particular track as there aren’t that many tracks like it in the circuit right now. To me, it has kind of an old-school vibe like when it was all about trying to find the fastest, windy roads that you can fully grip.”

Sabrina is chasing the South American tour for both the Women's continental Champion title AND the Opens continental Champion title. She explained that her trip to Colombia showed her how South American women racers are committed to improving and have normalized racing with men.

In fact, we saw multiple women on multiple podiums in Colombia!

Colombian racer Adriana Rincon placed 3rd out of four Junior racers at La Leonera. If Adriana was to continue racing the Juniors category at either La Violenta or Yaku Raymi, then she has a chance at being the FIRST IDF female Juniors Champion!

La Leonera female racers of Womens class, Juniors class, Masters class, and Open Skate class. Photo by Longboard Girls Crew Colombia.

Colombian racer Monica Reyes also raced against the men in the Master's category at La Virgen and La Leonera. If she follows the tour to Argentina or Peru, then she’d also be in the running for an IDF continental Champion title!

Sabrina Ambrosi is still in the running for the Open Skate continental Champion title after her quarter-final finish at La Virgen. Her biggest competition is Colombian Esneider Osorno who placed 5th at both La Virgen and La Leonera, making him the top placing South American racer at both Colombian events.

With two events left on the South American circuit, and three events counting equally towards the titles, the South American continental Champion titles can be (almost) anyone’s game! The only thing we can say for sure is that South American women are showing up STRONG and with quality racing.

If you haven't already, register for La Violenta HERE to catch all the action firsthand! #idfracing #idfWQS #idfSouthAmerica

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