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One of the most scenic race tracks in the World: La Violenta in La Rioja, Argentina makes a return on the World tour as one of the 2019 World Qualifying Series tracks in South America. Like mentioned in the previous article, Sabrina Ambrosi (AR) hinted that it was an old school type of race track, more on the going fast and gripping it.

Sabrina Ambrosi (AR) feeling good to keep on tucking.

It was no surprise that the field of racers were mostly Argentinian's looking to protect the La Violenta race track and hopefully win it for Argentina come race day. Also in attendance are a good number of Brazilians, as well as current South American region points leader: Esneider Osorno (CO) and 2 riders battling for the 2019 World title Daina Banks (US) and Harry Clarke (AU)

The La Violenta race track is closed to vehicular traffic the whole day and only open just for downhill skateboarding for the weekend. Thank you to all the efforts of IDF member and one of the fastest racers from Argentina Santiago Espeche for bringing Argentina back on the world tour. This Argentina track is a 2.7 km race track that has no clear straights but the same time has no breaking zone.

Argentina's downhill community's experience hosting international races showed. During practice day they were able to do 14 runs on the long La Violenta track. Also in attendance were lugers as well as in line skaters.

Four rounds of Qualifying, followed by a top 10 shootout race kept everyone warmed up for race day.


Juan Duran (AR) and Eduardo Falcao (BR) doing a run down La Violenta.


Mariano Gentili (AR) trailing and hunting along the track.


Top 10 race shoot out at the starting line with IDF board member Luis Mogrovejo (PE)


Top 10 Shootout winner - Harry Clarke (AU)


Qualifying Day has ended now time to choose your horse for race day.

But for now its time to chill and tranquilo and admire the breath taking views from La Rioja.

Photos: Pablo Bar

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