A slugfest happened during Qualifying day here in Cali, Colombia. Three rounds of Qualifying against last year's track record held by Harry Clarke (02:14:47). As expected the heavyweights of the 2019 World tour would be the one to try and knockout seconds of the record.

Chase Hiller (US)

Chase Hiller (US) was tapping out that track record during practice day and as expected he would deliver a blow to it straight away. Chase went 2 seconds faster (02:12:47) than the track record during the first round.

Daina Banks (US)

Daina took a jab at the track record and went faster by a full second (02:13:34). Daina also improved on his next run and hooked in his fastest time of the day (02:12:96).

Harry Clarke (AU)

Harry's counter punching during this qualifying showed again, it was almost reminiscing of the Moon Rock qualifiers in the Philippines were it was Harry vs. Chase. Harry kept hitting back at Chase answering the time's set by Chase in Round 1 and 3. In the end of Qualifying Harry beats his own record and still has his name on it.

Mitch Thompson (AU)

All 3 rounds of Qualifying were done before the lunch break, times were dropping during the hottest time of the day. Mitch Thompson (AU) waited for almost the end of the 3rd round of Qualifying. Last week's La Virgen race fastest qualifier mixed things up and punched home a time good enough for 3rd fastest.

Laura Vargas (CO)

The Women's category after qualifying still looks likely to be handled by Sabrina Ambrosi (AR). Sirley Tabares (CO) follows her at 2nd. The Colombian Women's have brought reinforcements for the Colombian World Cup. Laura Vargas (CO) made it to the finals of La Leonera last year and will help defend Colombian turf.

Anderson Maldonado (CO)

Anderson Maldonado is looking to take 2 straight back to back weekends as Juniors title. He qualifies as the fastest Junior and takes the 11th spot in the Open category.

Carlos Arias (CO)

Winner of last week's Masters Category in La Virgen (Carlos Arias -CO)  finished 2nd in the Masters Category behind fellow Colombian Juan Montoya who qualifies first for the Masters category.

Jennifer Butler (US)

In the Luge category Jennifer Butler (US) has been trying to prepare for a showdown with last year's La Leonera champion Roberto Leiva (PE). She took 2nd in Qualifying with just a 00:00:27 gap between her and Roberto.

Race day running order:

Juniors: Finals; Masters: Finals and Luge: Finals
Open Bracket: Round of 64
Open: Round of 32 and Dirty 30's: Round of 32
Open: Round of 16 and Dirty 30's: Round of 16
Open: Semi Finals; Dirty 30's: Semi Finals and Women's: Semi Finals
Open: Consi Finals and Finals; Dirty 30's: Consi Finals and Finals and Women's: Consi Finals and Finals

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