Dane Hanna wins Killington 2019

Dane Hanna, CAN, WINS Killington World Cup! He slayed the beast and his opponents by winning with DISTANCE. With back-to-back wins in North America, Dane holds a serious lead on the competition. Are we looking at our 2019 NorAm Champ? Maryhill will be the deciding race, which could be an upset as it will most likely be dry and filled with veteran-Maryhill racers.

The rest of the podium went to USA with Daina Banks in second, Emily Pross in third, and Tim Del in fourth.

Killington 2019 Open Skate Podium: 1. Dane Hanna 2. Daina Banks 3. Emily Pross 4. Tim Del

Here’s how it went down:

During the finals round, Tim Del entered Tetanus Corner in second with too much speed, which led to his sliding wide into the hay bails. This gave his second position to Daina Banks, who nailed his Tetanus line, despite the substantial wobbles from which he recovered at the entrance of the corner. Emily Pross came in dialed behind all of them and rounded out the podium with third.

In Semi Final A, Harry Clarke, AUS, passed Daina into Tetanus Corner. Daina, having a better line, executed the pass back on the exit of the corner - a classic EARNHART PASSBACK. USA is PROUD of you, Daina Monster!

Daina "Monster" Banks getting carried to the 2019 Killington podium by Colorado's Aaron Hampshire and Jon Sheckler.

Dane and Daina moved forward to Finals from Semi Final A, with Harry and Tristan Cardillo, SUI, moving into the Consolation round to determine positions 5th-8th.

In Semi Final B, Chase Hiller, USA, led down the first straightaway, well before Bridge Left, when he was taken out from behind by Davis Lanham, AUS. This allowed Daina and Emily an easy walk to the Finals for their round.

In the Consolation round, a heated Chase battled with Australians’ Davis and Harry through Bridge Left and down the Super Straight. Davis made a clean pass before Tetanus, with what looked like a sure-fire, Consi victory.  However, he exited the corner with a wide line and crashed into the hay bails. Harry followed into the hay behind him. By nailing the corner and avoiding the carnage, Chase swooped the fifth-place position.

Davis Lanham and Chase Hiller at Killington 2019

Coming fourth into Tetanus, but taking the sixth-place position, was Tristan Cardillo. He came from the butter-smooth, perfect roads of Switzerland to battle the beast on what could possibly be the worst pavement found on the 2019 IDF circuit. He admittedly struggled with the Northeastern road conditions but was able to pull off a consolation finish!

Weather conditions were as expected: WET! Emily Pross was the only woman to race. Kyle Martin took first out of two in the Masters category. Nick Broms took first out of two in the Juniors category.

With new pavement on the way, will Killington 2020 attract more racers from all categories? `

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