Harry Clarke is definitely one of the most notorious racers this year traveling the World circuit! Max Heaton decided it was best to catch up with him after his recent success as the 2019 Asia-Pacific Champion and to ask some questions we’re quite sure the IDF community would like the answers to. Harry has placed near the top for a little while, claiming a few track records in 2018 and now some 1st place finishes. Tune in Harry this season, as he’s a crowd favorite for World Champion.

Harry Clarke after winning Seaside 2019. Photo by Max Heaton.

Max: So, Haz, you're the continental Asia Pacific champ. Thoughts?
Harry: Very stoked to be champ after coming real close last year. Even more hyped about it all coming together with getting my first win at Seaside and not getting seriously injured at Taipan.

Max: You're currently 1st in the world, are you continuing the charge in any other continents this year?
Harry: Boi you know I am! Just pulled the trigger on Killington, and Europe is happening for sure! South America is always calling me and I might just give in, and press the send button; but who knows?

Harry Clarke leading Mitch Thompson down Moon Rock 2019.

Max: What have you changed this year, from last? Diet, Setup, Mental game?
Harry: This year, I’ve made the decision that I’m gonna stop crashing. Think I filled my career quota last year, and so far it seems to be going well. Aside from that, I was very lucky to be adopted by the Evans family when I relocated to Brisbane and they whipped me into shape real good in the offseason, so I’ll be forever in their debt for that. Still puking like a <insert curse word> tho so if someone could help me out with that, then that’d be great, haha!

Max: Hot tip for any new racers participating this year?
Harry: Racing experience wins races. Get out there and ride as hard and as close as you can because you have nothing to lose. Learn from everything and push in behind the heavy hitters and try and flex on them.

Max: Let us know who has your back?
Harry: Got a lot of sick people behind me these days. The boys behind Madrid, Venom, and Rogue have been looking after me for years now. BamBam just dropped my Pro Gloves (holy <insert curse word>) and SBDW from Hong Kong got me for literally everything else! But my biggest supporter is the NAYSH for sure. The Naysh gives me the motivation to train, to skate, and to shoe; without the Naysh I would be nothing. So thank you Naysh, BIG LOVE!

Harry Clarke leading Mitch Thompson down Seaside 2019. Photo by Max Heaton.

Max: Favourite race track and why?
Harry: I love the scary ones. You know that <insert curse word> that keeps you up at night? I live for tracks like Taipan, Vulcan, Wet Arirang Hill...... Killington!

Max: When do we get to see a Harry Potter pro-model?
Harry: It’s something I’ve been working and pushing for a while now... But shouldn’t be long now. End of this year maybe?

Max: Pick a number between 1-15.
Harry: 14

Max: Amateur spotlight, who do you see as the next up and coming champion?
Harry: So many fast dudes coming up it’s cray. They be making quarters some of the toughest heats around these days. I wouldn’t call him an Amateur by any means, but Nick Broms is gonna take this sport to a new level; I can see him as a future champ without a doubt!

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