The last World Cup of the season, and the deciding factor for the 2019 Open Skateboard World Champion title, is La Leonera in Colombia this weekend!

The fight for the title comes down to Daina Banks, USA, Chase Hiller, USA, and Harry Clarke, AUS. No matter which way it swings, someone is going to be named the first IDF World Champion for their country.

Here’s what your top racers need to secure the World Champion title:

Chase Hill Killer needs to win La Leonera. It’s a tall order, but Chase has an advantage in that he is a goofy rider; taking the course’s incredibly tight and blind right corners heel side may allow him to hit money lines that others can’t touch. In general, fast and technical is Chase’s game and we expect to see him excel on this course.

Chase Hiller at Arirang Hill 2018
Chase HILL KILLER preparing for Arirang Hill 2018

Haz also has a tall order for the World Champion title. He has to place at least 2nd, while ensuring that neither Daina or Chase take the win. How does one ensure that other competitors don't win in an IDF race? By outracing them! Haz will need to skate faster and smarter than both Chase and Daina in order to win the World Champion title. Considering that Haz also excels on fast and technical courses, we know this is going to be a close KNIFE FIGHT!

harry clarke 2019 asia pacific champion idf
Harry "Haz" Clarke after becoming the 2019 Asia Pacific Champion

Daina Monster, hot off a Colombian WQS win and currently sitting in first-place overall, needs to block both Chase and Haz from fulfilling their missions. Again, the only way to do this is to be the better competition; Daina needs to outrace both Haz and Chase to ensure they don’t get their needed-podium positions. With over ten years of racing experience, Daina has the XP points to make those hard “when-to-pass” choices that La Leonera will call for.

Daina Banks_Justin Rolo
Daina Banks, the 2018 North American Champion

Here’s what your top racers are riding:

Both Daina and Haz are riding Rogue Slalom trucks and Venom Magnum wheels. We also believe they are both on their own prototype pro models. Haz rides for Madrid boards, and Daina may still be choosing a board company to align his pro model with.

Chase is the individual of the crew, choosing Rojas trucks, Seismic Alpha wheels, and his own Pantheon pro-model deck.

We can’t call the winner, but we can call the fight - stay tuned because La Leonera is going to be heated!

P.S. Please stay patient as we deal with a technical difficulty to update the official rankings and officially announce the 2019 World Champions for each category.

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