Allysson Pastrana / Photo by Gerson Cheschini

A year ago, we lost one of our own... and on our own track. The tragic loss of 19-year-old Allysson Pastrana sent waves of pain through our community; reminding us the dangers we face are real and safety is a responsibility that belongs to all of us.

In honor of Allysson Pastrana, we name November 11th Pastrana Remembrance Day. Today, and every November 11th to follow, we ask that you share one way you stay safe on the road with the hashtag #PastranaForever. With Pastrana’s remembrance, we can make Downhill Skateboarding and Street Luging a safer home for all riders.

Gerson Ceschini, BR, brings us the legacy of Allysson Pastrana:

“Talking about Allysson thrills and revives my smile.

No event after 11/11/2018 had the same brilliance. He is in the prayers of the start of the races, during and in the words of the awards. And in the screams of, Pastrana forever at the beginning and end of the races. The anniversary of his passing will be hard for everyone, and especially for his parents and family.

Immersed in his studies, he invited for the weekend for fun, accompanied by his tutor Guto and special friends like Cristian Henz, Melissa Brogni, Miguel Moreira, and John Berlitz. His father Silvio, was with Pastrana in all the training and championships.

Allysson studied with dedication, attended the gym and wanted to ride every weekend with friends, in the mountains of southern Brasil.
He was a good-hearted boy and always cheerful, his smile appearing in almost every picture and circumstance.

Calm and humble, he did not complain about the referees' decisions, even though they were questionable. Fame and glory were not his goals. He just enjoyed skateboarding.

His style: smooth, cheerful, adaptable to every track, every curve, every weather. He was not flustered, aggressive, extremely focused, or obsessed with victory. He liked to listen and exchange ideas with his friends on the hillside and especially with his father.

Today Allysson Pastrana is a Downhill Angel. He will follow every event, every drop, not just in words, shirt prints or posters. Pastrana will always be in our hearts like the boy, who skateboarded smiling.”

Allysson Pastrana being carried to the podium / Photo by Gerson Ceschini
Allysson Pastrana / Photo by Gerson Ceschini

P A S T R A N A, F O R E V E R

Candy Dungan

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