Harry Clarke at Kozakov 2019. Photo by Ty Topping.

Harry Clarke, AU, wins the last World Cup of the 2019 season, La Leonera, Colombia!

This bumps him into first place on the World Rankings, and (with no World Cups left of the season) the 2019 World Champion title is grazing Haz's fingertips.

However, Daina Banks, US, and Chase Hiller, US, are still on the hunt.

Here’s the points breakdown:

Harry is 44 points in front of Daina and 59 points in front of Chase. Harry can only gain points by winning a World Qualifying Series (WQS) race. That scenario would give him 25 points, which tops him out at 4,807 points.

Daina Banks at Kozakov 2019. Photo by Ty Topping.

Daina can pick up points by placing better than 5th in any two WQS races. Winning a race would give him an extra 58 points, which is enough to become World Champion IF Harry and Chase don't win a WQS. Winning two races would give Daina 116 points, top him out at 4,854 points, and name him World Champion.

Chase is 15 points behind Daina. He can only gain points by placing 1st or 2nd in any two WQS races. A 1st gains him 37 points, and a 2nd gains him 12 points. The most points he can win is 4,797.

To win the 2019 World Champion title, Chase would need to place 1st at two WQS races AND ensure that the following things DON'T happen:

1. Harry wins a WQS.

2. Daina places an average of 2nd (or better) between two WQS races.

Chase Hiller skating no-hands down at Kozakov 2019. Photo by Ty Topping.

With three WQS races left, the 2019 World Champion title comes down to a multitude of factors, including skill, consistency, commitment, resources, and a touch of luck.

The Open Skateboard title is only one of five 2019 IDF World Champion titles up for grabs (or already grabbed)!

Here’s what’s going on with our other IDF Champion titles:


Emily Pross has successfully secured her FIFTH Women’s World Champion title for USA with a perfect season in the Women’s category. She is also currently ranked 8th in the Open World rankings and 4th in Open North American (NorAm) rankings. Congratulations, Emily!

Emily Pross at Kozakov 2019. Photo by Ty Topping.


Although he's short one WQS race, Nick Broms secured his second Junior’s World Champion title for USA. Broms is currently ranked 13th in the Open World rankings, which is where you will find him solely racing in 2020 as he is aging out of Junior’s category. This leaves the 2020 Junior’s World Champion title undefended! Congratulations, Nick!

Nick Broms on his Record Quali Run at Verdicchio 2019.
Photo: Tyler Topping
Kyle Martin at Kozakov 2019. Photo by Ty Topping.


Kyle Martin wins his first Master’s World Champion title for Canada with all first-place finishes. He’s also currently ranked 10th in the Open World rankings and 9th in the Open NorAm rankings. Congratulations, Kyle!


Abdil Mahdzan, MA, currently holds the top-ranking position in the World for Streetluge and cannot gain any more points in the World rankings. However, Kolby Parks, CA, could still pick up points by placing better than 4th at (up to) two WQS races. If Kolby won two WQS races, then he would pick up 126 points and TIE with Abdil for the 2019 Streetluge World Champion. Considering that Kolby is going for the gold at Maryhill WQS, the title is not out of his reach yet!

Abdil Mahdzan leading into the first Kozakov 2019 corner. Photo by Tyler Topping.

Overall, it’s fair to say that North America is PUMPING OUT World Champions on a conveyer belt. EPIC.

There are only three WQS races left of the season! Stay tuned to see the points breakdown for the North American and South American tours. Register below to join in on the action and witness Downhill Skateboard and Streetluge history firsthand:

Register for La Violenta in Argentina HERE.

Register for Tour De Maryhill in the United States HERE.

Register for Yaku Raymi in Peru HERE.

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