Vista Rio Downhill: Full Send Obligatory

Crash, get back up, and do it again faster. That seemed to be the motto yesterday during qualifying at Vista Rio Downhill World Cup.


Although the sun was out through the day the track continued to stay partially wet in a number of corners. The road as a heavy 'crown 'shape to ti making the transition between sliding across lanes interesting


Grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and enjoy the below photo gallery from qualifying day in Brazil:









Open Division

  1. Thiago Lessa 2:12.89
  2. Allysson Nascimento 2:12.93
  3. Pepe Laporte 2:13.07
  4. Josh Evans 2:13.37
  5. Harry Clarke 2:13.73





Luge Division

  1. Kolby Parks 2:13.91
  2. Will Stephenson 2:15.77
  3. Walter Ribeiro 2:16.24





Womens Division

  1. Jennifer Schauerte 2:29.84
  2. Vitoria Mallmann 2:36.92
  3. Lyde Begue 2:39.00



Masters Division

  1. Douglas Dalua 2:13.81
  2. Guilherme Chiele 2:20.82
  3. Rafael Sabella 2:23.12



Juniors Divison

  1. Arthur Mikai 2:20.95
  2. Anderson Maldonato 2:21.56
  3. Joao Gabriel Carvalho 2:25.50




For full Vista Rio Downhill qualilfying results follow the link here.


Tomorrow kicks off race day and the final race of the 2018 International Downhill Federation tour. See brackets:


Open Bracket

Women's Bracket

Juniors Bracket

Masters Bracket

Luge Bracket


Photos by Max Vickers (@maxvickers)