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The Verdicchio Race 2018 will take place from the 25 to the 28 of July at Poggiocupro (AN) and this year it will be on of the 7th World Cup IDF and Italian Downhill Skateboarding Championship FISR:

The best downhill Skateboard and Street luge athletes from all over the world, they will return this year to challenge each other on the more technical track of Italy in a four days rich of show and fun in the elegant frame of the hills of Marche.


The track it’s quite enough technical, following the initial part with a sequence of wide and steeper hairpins characterised by fast corners and straight track; it can be reach over 75km and surely it won’t miss the show beside the adrenaline rush that reserve this fantastic sporting event.

We sat down with World Cup event organizer, Federico Barboni, to learn more about this year's event:

When was the first race at Verdicchio held?

THE first Verdicchio race was held in 2011 in another race track, Castelplanio, in the same area. The actual track in Poggiocupro was the place where we mainly skated through the years and also where we organized the our first downhill skateboard event in 2007 named "Marche on Speed" from the name of our region named "Marche". In 2013 we held "Poggio-Q Pro race" as Italian Championship and then we understood it was time to come back in the international scene with the Verdicchio Race.

What is special about this year?

We're trying to give as usual the best experience to the riders both on the track and the campsite: on the main corner "Campari" we'll setup a 75"screen to follow the race on the last part of the track till the finish line. It will be possible to follow both the Italian Championship and the World Cup video streaming live online and there will be also another surprise too so, be ready for the action  next weekend (:

Describe the track in 3 words?

Fun, technical, unpredictable.

How many different nationalities are currently signed up?

20 different nationalities are attending at the moment, I can't wait to see them all skating down the track and enjoy the place!

Supposedly there are some pretty great local wines around the area?

Yes there are, a lot! Verdicchio white wine is the most popular in the area and there are more than 75 different kinds to bottles and tastes. Also the local food is something that you would not miss with a fresh glass of wine.

Anything else that you'd like to add?

The race track is already set with haybales, the campsite is ready and the swimming pool too so, what else, ah, we'll skate the track this weekend fosho! 😀

Stay tuned on our Instagram for updates throughout the weekend: @idfracing

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