Despite there being rumors about potential rain today, the sun was shining as usual here in the Philippines.
The morning started with a few practice runs as "warm up" for the riders and then 4 timed qualifying runs each.

As this was the first year hosting a world circuit race at Moon Rock, the track record was open for grabs. The top spot was taken by none other than Thiago Gomes Lessa from Brazil with a record time of 1:39.58 immediately followed by Carlos Paixao with 1:39.91 and then Chase Hiller from the USA with 1:40.56.

Thiago Lessa set the track record.

We asked Thiago about the track and his result: "I really like the track here, gangstar lean one... I feel good about how I'm riding here, this trip so far I have learned a lot. The bad news is that I have pain on the back of my leg after qualifying pushes, tomorrow will be hard for me, let's see how I wake up."

Emily Pross did not miss the chance to be a top competitor in the Open with a finishing time in 4th and dominating the women class in first. The womens was followed by the two Germans Jennifer Schauerte and Dina Miss.

Emily Pross and her sparks around.

Masters went down as well and Cornelius Kaup from Germany took the first place of the class with 1:46.62 followed by the two Filipinos Caloy Sambrano and Peter Fritz Siason.

Cornelius Kaup focused on the right corner.

Between the youngsters, Sebastian Chanco lead the qualifying in the junior class leaving Filipinos Jan Brian and Figueroa to round out the results.

The youngster Sebastian Chanco full tuckin'.

Luge class dominated by Abdil Mahdzan followed by Dennis "Zen" Donado.

Abdil Mahdzan.

Qualifying results can be found here and as well the race brackets for tomorrow:

Photo shoots by Sebi Dangerseeker (@dangerseekersebi)

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