Thiago Lessa fist-pumps across the finish line, knowing that he's the new World Champ. Photo: Khaleeq Alfred

Name, age, discipline, where you live.

Thiago Gomes Lessa

I’m 28 years old

I skate overall and live in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Congrats on your #1 world ranking! How does it feel to be the champ?

Man it feels great and the most important thing to me was to give this title back to all the people who helped me achieve it, I didn’t get there alone.

Any particular event that you surprised by how well you did?

Not in particular, but on every win I had this year, I had a good lead by the finish line and that surprised me for sure... I worked so hard to achieve everything, that I ended up knowing that I can even beat myself if I needed… Sometimes you need to beat yourself to evolve.

Was there a race you felt you should have done better at?

Kings Gate, I was leading my heat, but not with a comfortable lead so I got taken out from behind, which isn’t good. So I could have done better there for sure.

What was your favorite race last year?

The one in my hometown, Apac Championship, everybody was there, my family and friends... and its always good vibes when racing at home.

Is it tiring traveling the world and competing at such high level of downhill racing?

Sometimes you get tired and homesick, not sticking to your normal routine also makes you weak, I like to be at home a lot, i’m way more productive that way, but being on the road is great and I love it too! You just gotta find the right balance.

Who are you best travel partners?

My girl and the Cuei Wheels team.

What are you doing with your you down time?

This year since I got back from the last race i’ve been working a lot, making things happen so next year can be another amazing one, and believe it will be with a lot of hard work and dedication you can’t go wrong.

Taking any measures to prepare for the 2018 race season?

I will keep doing what i’ve been doing, it seems to be working… skating bowls and hills every single day, and the biggest improvement for 2018 will be the new Cuei Wheels we are working on, faster and grippier. I learned a lot this year during the race season and i’m putting all into work back home, I feel blessed for opportunities like this…

Is there a certain race you are looking forward to for this year?

Newtons Playground in Australia, which I have never been and I really want to grip the Forest Elbow hard.

Is there anything you are specifically going to focus on to improve your race results for this year?

MORE POWER everyday!!!

Who do you think will be your top competition for this year?

I never underestimate anyone… everyone can be a threat nowadays!! Im very very stoked for the 2018 race season and with what this season will bring for us, will be a especial one and im looking forward to show my best to the world again...

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