Farmer looking lean and mean at Newton's.
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Name, age, discipline, where you live.

Ryan Farmer


Street Luge and Downhill Skateboard and I'm from Huntington Beach, California.

First, congrats on being the 2017 Street Luge World Champion! That is no easy feat.

Thanks man I'm stoked on this year for sure. Points were back and forth all season and a lot of really fast racers competing, plus I made a bunch of friends all over. #dungarunga

Aside from the obvious #1 ranking, how was your race season?

It was an adventure for sure. Before this I have never been outside of the states, so the fact skateboarding and luge has brought me to so many great places and introduced me to so many quality people this season has been life changing. It also forced me to dial in my riding, specifically things I don't get much practice with at home like rain.

Any particular event you were impressed by your performance at?

I don't know if impressed is right, more like surprised haha, The WC in Brazil stands out though, heavy guys (not me lol) have an advantage with lots of 70+ mph straights, plus the local Alexandre Machado has the best push I've ever seen. I ended up with a double draft from him and William Stephenson exiting the fast chicane and swooped it.That event was good racing all around.

Due to your weight, it’s a bit surprising how well you raced last year. Gravity tends to favor the heavier set racers. Is it skill, luck, or just good cornering technique that gives you the advantage?

My weight seems to be an advantage on most of the tracks because along with narrow hangers I can grip a lot and get some great exit speed. Races like Killington and Apac I had to work for the speed in the straights and be really conscious of my tuck,drafting, and where other riders were around me. I guess you can say skill and cornering technique.

Favorite event on the circuit?

My favorite event this season would have to be Yaku Raymi in Chacas Peru. The Andes are unreal, the food is fantastic, its a skaters budgets dream (  $3 per night hostel and $2 pizza), and the locals are so rad! Shout out to DH media, the Lima crew, and congrats to Luis Mogrovejo for the S. America championship!

Was there anything you changed throughout the season that you felt was an improvement (setup, training, mental approach, travel partner)?

Newtons was the first time I ever raced overseas, I won my heats and got into finals. I hyped myself out and when it came down to it I made a mistake and apexed early, sending me into the bails and literally flying through the air. It taught me to relax and be calm racing. Things have to be going slow to go fast. That wreck not only broke me off but it smashed my luge up pretty good so I upgraded to the new Rogers Bros luge and had to learn a new set up for the rest of the year. My buddy Adam Westfall’s dad Mark came with us to the Euro tour. That was definitely an improvement to the season. haha

Traveling with Adam’s Dad helped out?

Yeah are car was full of dad jokes, good music, bomb food, and the Westfalls are a family of racers. Having his insight on the trip was great on and off the track.

What are you doing with your you down time?

Currently I am working a bunch making up for time off, focusing on school next year and what races I can squeeze in there. Also trying to host a bunch of local events, Barrett Junction and GMR trash clean ups are some recent things.

Any particular event you are looking forward to for 2018?

Next year I'm trying to swing South Korea, it seems like it went off this year. Peru is killing it with 2 races next year so I want to go back. Newtons and Killington also were a certified rip.

Who do you think will be your top competition for this year?

If I can get him to more races the Spanish rocket Mikel Echegaray Diez is the guy to beat but Kolby parks makes me more uncomfortable than any school teacher ever has. If Andrej Ilic could make the tour he would smash, no doubts there. Theres a lot of great competition right now.

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