Moon Rock WQS: Get ready to rock the Moon!

As common in the Philippines, we had a very chilled morning at Moon Rock WQS. The lack of Police on the track in the morning created a slight delay before we could start with official practice runs. Fortunately riders could wait in the shade and eat some freshly made veggies, pork, and rice in the meantime.


Harry Clarke and the "Aussie Boys" sending it down Moon Rock. Ph Sebi Dangerseeker


We evaluated the track in the morning while keeping an eye on the protection along the road as this is the first time that a World Qualifying race has been ran on this hill.

Aleix Gallimo focused on Thiago Lessa and Carlos Paixao. Ph: Sebi Dangerseeker


Tomorrow kicks off qualifying runs and were eager to see who will be the one to set the track record here at Moon Rock!


We asked a few riders how they would describe the track with only 5 words:


Harry Clarke (Hong Kong): Technical, tucky, drafty, fun, wet(?)


Elissa Mah (New Zealand): hot, Jungle, vibes, tucking, mobbing.


Jaime De Lange (Philippines): Corky, features, unique, section, weight.


Natalie Burns (Ireland): Sweaty, hot, curvy, surfy, rad.


Cornelius Kaup (Germany): Right, left, right, wobble, left.