The Winter Olympics and the World Cup weren't enough. Now it's the IDF Euro Tour rolling into Russia for the first time ever, after a World Qualifier in Romania, followed by World Cups in the Czech Republic and Italy.


The event takes place at the Sanki Sliding Center, which hosted the 2014 Olympic Games. The track is on the road next to the Olympic Bobsled track - a similar setup to the legendary Whistler Longboard Fest.

The race happens during the Sanki Extreme Gravity Festival. If you're itching to skate or luge the bobsled track, single timed runs are available for an additional fee.

As the last race on the Euro Tour, the results at Sanki will help determine the overall 2018 European Continental Championships.

Current European Championship Points Race
(Top 3 results)
*  = rider has not yet raced at 3 races

Open Skateboard

  1. Lucas Poulain (France) 2023
  2. Yanis Markarian (France) 2016
  3. Vašek Cvanchara (Czech Republic) 1888
  4. *Tristan Cardillo (Switzerland) 1839
  5. Stefano Barbizzi (Italy) 1710

Women’s Skateboard

  1. Lyde Begue (France) 2656
  2. Jennifer Schuarte (Germany) 2443
  3. Anna Pixner (Austria) 2267

Juniors Skateboard

  1. Buhomil Sefrna (Czech Republic) 2556
  2. Adam Kilma (Czech Republic) 2516
  3. *Grégoire Schwab (Switzerland) 1839

Masters Skateboard

  1. Raul Perez Gallego (Spain) 2633
  2. Damian Derek Blanquer Gelez (Spain) 2594
  3. Michaël Pellicer (France) 2516


  1. Will Stephenson (United Kingdom) 2688
  2. Andrej Ilic (Czech Republic) 2624
  3. Riccardo Aldinucci (Italy) 2419

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