The La Leonera track was to reveal today the first ever holder of the track record but like any other timed qualifying day, as usual it was filled with some action to spice up race day.

2 South Americans prevented the gringos from taking top spot in the first round posting the only 2:16 times of the round; Yan Bertinati (BRA) - 2:16:20 and Santiago Espeche (ARG) 2:16:53. This gave a strong boost to all the South Americans racing here in Colombia.

Colombian local Felipe "El Elfo" Marin shaving off 3 seconds for his last qualifying time and lands him in 5th rank and the fastest local.

A crash by both Yan and Santiago in the 2nd qualifying round left the door open for any takers who were hunting for the top spot at La Leonera. Harry Clarke (AUS) took advantage and punched in a 2:15:16. Only Santiago Espeche came close to that time, dialing his 4th and last qualifying run at 2:15:19. Harry decided to wait it out until somebody over took his time. He took the last qualifying run of the day 2:14:49 and is now the La Leonera track record.

Harry Clarke (AUS) adding to his Qualifying titles for 2018, his count now is at 2 (Transylvania and La Leonera DH 2018)

An interview with Top qualifier Harry Clarke and Second qualifier Santiago Espeche. Harry will answer in spanish and Santiago in english.

Where have you guys been hiding?
H: en La Rioja Argentina con tu hermana

How is it like going from skating almost everyday together for a month and now getting spots 1st and 2nd in a World Qualifying in Colombia?
H: esta mes pasado estábamos entrenando mucho para el tour de South América entonces hoy no fue una sorpresa
S: I see the face of harry for one month and a half in La Rioja Argentina( Every day All day ). I tried training as well go to skate on the all north of Argentina.

How has Colombia been?
H: Colombia es muy divertido Primo. La gente esta muy loca
S: This is my second time in Colombia, one of the beast trip for everything, only good people and nice skate!

Santiago being the top South American qualifier, what are your plans for the 2018 South American championships?
S: I’m really trying to get the top spot in the South America tour, I sure hope so!

Harry being the highest ranked racer around as well as being the fastest qualifier today, how do you weigh your chances for race day?
H: wegonnagetit


H: a la Prima de Nico y los pibes en La Rioja

Colombian style racing, you know its coming!

Monday Race day run down in Colombia - La Leonera DH 2018

Practice #1

Rider Up Lift # 1

Practice # 2

Rider Up Lift # 2

Open Bracket Round of 64

Rider Up Lift # 3

Open Bracket Round of 32

Dirty 30s Round of 32

Rider Up Lift # 4

Open Bracket Round of 16

Dirty 30s Round of 16

Practice Women's, Juniors and Masters

Rider Up Lift # 5

Open Bracket Semi Finals

Dirty 30s Semi Finals

Juniors Semi Finals

Masters Semi Finals

Women's Semi Finals

Luge Practice

Rider Up Lift # 6

Luge Final

Masters Consolation Finals

Masters Finals

Dirty 30s Consolation Finals

Dirty 30s Finals

Women's Consolation Finals

Women's Finals

Junior Consolation Finals

Junior Finals

Open Consolation Finals

Open Finals

Race day brackets:






Photo: Camilo Vargas

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