Race day in Moon Rock WQS was a bit affected by the weather. Some rain drops fell in the morning right after the Open Skateboard B bracket and although the track became soaked in the first section,remained dry at the finish line.

All the riders chilling at the start line.

Sylvia Mena, Fifer Figueroa and Natalie Burns won the B-Bracket flying straight to the Open Skateboard finals.

From left: Sylvia Mena Cortés, Natalie Burns, Fifer Figueroa winners of Open B Bracket.

Before sending all the categories down the track for the finals, all the riders had an unusual Ashtanga Yoga session with a Tita Sierra, a pro teacher from the United crew.

Yoga session before the race. Ph: Sebi Dangerseeker

The "Brazilian storm" came stronger and more focused to take the win in the Open Skateboard class: Carlos Paixao finished first place in the finals after a tight race with Thiago Lessa who finished second in front of Chase Hiller.

Carlos Paixao and Thiago Lessa fighting for the lead in the finals. Ph: Sebi Dangerseeker

During the semi finals Emily Pross had a bad crash and twisted a finger. There was no need for an ambulance but most importantly, Emily did not give up and with taped fingers she both the final heats.

Emily Pross between Josh Evans, Andrew Atchison and Harry Clarke in the consi final. Ph: Sebi Dangerseeker

And yes, she won again the Women class followed by Jennifer Schauerte in second and Elissa Mah in third place.

Jennifer Schauerte in 2nd followed by Elissa Mah and Dina Miss Ph: Sebi Dangerseeker

Even here in Moon Rock is Cornelius Kaup once again the champion of the Master class with three winning in a row during the race runs. Petre Fritz Saison finished in second position and Caloy Licop in third.

Cornelius Kaup leading on of the runs in the Master category. Ph: Sebi Dangerseeker

Between the youngsters once again the Filipino Sebastian Chanco raced his way into first place, with Bryan Figueroa in second and Keige Ando in thposition.

Sebastian Chanco and Jan Bryan Figueroa leading the Junior category. Ph: Owen Licop

In Luge class we had a head to head race and all the matches were won by Abdil Mahdzan.

Abdil Mahdzan wins Moon Rock 2018 in Luge class. Ph: Sebi Dangerseeker

All the bracket results can be found here:

Keeping It High – Moon Rock 2018

Federico Barboni

This post was written by Federico Barboni

Skateboarder since young, I become a streetluger in 2000 and downhill skateboarder in 2007. Verdicchio Race organizer and rep for downhill skateboarding in the Italian Roller Sport Federation FISR. Love to spread smiles.
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