As any year, all members are invited to attend the 2018 IDF Annual General Meeting. Here's how:

  • Date: Sunday 18 February
  • Time:
    10pm (Paris, Amsterdam, Rome),
    1pm (Los Angeles, Vancouver),
    4pm (New York),
    7pm (Sao Paolo),
    8am Monday 19th (Sydney),
    5am Monday 19th (Manila)
  • Where: Live on YouTube here:

What happens at the AGM?

  • The 2017 season overview and financial statement will be presented, with some discussion about what the IDF spends its money on.
  • Presentation of the 2018 schedule and rules changes explained.
  • An overview of the years to come will be presented.

Can I ask questions at the AGM?

If you watch the AGM via the Youtube link you will be able to make comments. We'll do our best to monitor these comments and answer any questions raised within them.

Federico Barboni

This post was written by Federico Barboni

IDF President
Skateboarder since young, I become a streetluger in 2000 and downhill skateboarder in 2007. Verdicchio Race organizer and rep for downhill skateboarding in the Italian Roller Sport Federation FISR. Love to spread smiles.
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