2018 IDF Rule Changes

Aside from the 2018 event registration information, the other most anticipated release is about the rule changes for next season. Resulting from IDF member feedback, polling and our experiences during the 2017 World tour, there were a number of proposed rule changes.

The board discussed and debated the proposals at length, ultimately approving 7 final rule changes. We believe that these will enhance the racing experience for our competitors, our spectators, and our organization as a whole.

The rule changes taking effect in 2018 cover the following topics:

1. Speed suits
2. Starting procedure/movement
3. Starting procedure/placement
4. Helmets and Back Protectors
5. Skateboard weights
6. Finish line procedure
7. Technical inspection

All the changes can be found in the 1.4 rulebook here, with explanations as footnote.

Some rule changes have pros and cons, but our cost-benefit analysis focused on maximizing the positive net impact. We hope you understand, appreciate and benefit from these updates.

Thank you to everyone who has provided valuable input, and please feel free to send your feedback to info@internationaldownhillfederation.org.


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