More than 120 skateboarders, lugers and inliners had their timed runs today: after several freeride runs every rider had two qualification times.

Kolby Parks and Mikel Echegaray during practice today - Ph: Maurizio Busato

Mikel Echegaray did not miss to be on evidence today: he broke the track record owned by himself of 1:54:960 from 2014. Obviously he had the first place in the quali followed by Kolby Parks and Will Stephenson.

Carlos Paixão - Ph: Nico Pizzinato

The Open class was dominated by Carlos Paixao followed by the unstoppable 17 year-old Tristan Cardillo and the Italian Giorgio Garino.

Women were more than eleven at the start line and Emily Pross got the lead in front of the Brazilian Melissa Brogni. Lyde Begue from France got third place closing this qualification podium.

Tomorrow's brackets are at the follow links:

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Skateboarder since young, I become a streetluger in 2000 and downhill skateboarder in 2007. Verdicchio Race organizer and rep for downhill skateboarding in the Italian Roller Sport Federation FISR. Love to spread smiles.
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