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Brazil is home to some of the top downhill skateboarding racers with a community that is full of action sports. Every year it is a must to include a Brazilian world tour event and it’s with our pleasure that we’re able to work with veteran event organizer, Matheus Felicio, on another world class event.


Could you give us a brief overview of this year’s Apac championship and where it is occurring?

M: Well after 4 years running the event in Mega Space we decided to change the course and do it in the place we skated the most for last 10 years. Nova Lima city was very important for the development of our sport in Brazil. Giving birth to great champions and riders that are in a constant search for new hills to bomb. Nova Lima was chosen because we’ve been putting out events in the city for the last 8 years and we grew an awesome relationship with the city.

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How would you describe this area of Brazil where the event is being held?

M: Our great state of Minas Gerais is an area filled with mountains and beautiful nature. Weather here is awesome year round and we are stoked to run another World Cup.

What is special about this year’s event?

M: Change is always good. This year’s event is kind of a turning point for us organizers because for the first time we have Media and Government attention. My goal running this event is to get DH Skateboarding to the mainstream and be part of the “boom” that’s about to happen with the sport. Every year we get a little better, eventually we’ll get where we want to be.

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What is the course like? How do you think it will be for racers?

M: The course is fun! Fast turns, tight turns, high speeds. It’s definitely be a challenge for a lot of riders.

What are the accommodations like for racers? I hear there is a skate park?

M: There are a couple options: Hotels, little hotel’s, hostels and a free camping close to the track. Yes there is a skatepark in the camping site. Last year my great friend Federico ripped it so hard the park was on maintenance care haha. But yeah, it's ready to rip!

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For more information on the event:

Event Page

Track Video

Photos courtesy of Luciano Lima Jr.

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