La Leonera DH WQS – The final battle

In the middle of the green mountains that surround the valley of Cali, the weather was not as forecasted so far, and a great sunny day gave the kick off at the event with the arrival of the riders at La Leonera.

Pepe La Porte, actually 2nd in the ranking will try his best here. - Ph: Robert Dias

More than 40 riders are attending this last stage of the South American Championship and the top 4 brazilian in the ranking like Thiago Lessa, Pepe La Porte, Douglas Silva and Tiago Mohr did miss to show up at the race and this confirm the importance of this weekend for define the 2017 continental champion for the Open Skateboard.

Unfortunately Carlos Paixao will not take part at this race and will be hard for him to keep the first position of the ranking. Sebastian Hertler came from Germany as well and the qualification brackets will give a spectacular day here today in La Leonera.

Luana Campos focused in Apac Championship WC - Ph: Robert Dias

Luana Campos, as well landed in Cali and it’s ready to improve her position over Melissa Brogni that actually lead the women ranking: as represent of her nation here in Colombia, Sirley Tabares Builes is on the course as well and she will definitely improve her final ranking after a second place in Yaku Raymi WQS (Perù).

Sirley Tabares represent the Colombia here in Cali

Bruno Vidal Vieira is here for win the Junior Class against the local Colombian.

Bruno Vidal Vieira in APAC Championship

The qualifications will be made with the round robin way, known as Race to Qualify: 5 race runs per each rider in 4 man-heat format will define an overall qualification ranking that will be used for the brackets of Sunday.

Here you can find the brackets for the qualifications:

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