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King's Gate 2017

The Big Mountain Skate crew went to Klipptitztörl two weeks ago in order to collect some footage of the track but they found the track in real terrible condition: the pavement present really bad cracks and potholes, especially in the corner exits. This happened because of the snow cleaners during the winter and that work ruined the pavement during the winter.

The crew talked with the government about the possibility to repave the road but they wasn’t unable to give a precise date of the work, so in order to avoid possible cancellation of the race they had to find another road that would fit the expectations of a WC in terms of accommodations, race track security and spectators views.

Despite the frustration and the mood of the organizers, they kept focusing on solve the question presenting us a new location and race track for the race.

The Hinterstoder Panoramastraße will be the new scenario of King’s Gates and it will guarantee a 2.2 km of track with camping site and accommodations for all the riders that will join the event.

Here’s the new track location:
FindHills race track map

Alternative accommodation information:

In case you already booked in the other structure please contact Big Mountain Skate at this email:

Campsite is equipped with:

  • Unlimited warm showers
  • Electricity for vans or motor homes
  • Toilets (Men/Women)
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • BBQ place
  • close by river

Finish and riders area at the track is equipped with:

  • Chill lounge area
  • Bar
  • Tents
  • Electricity
  • Big screen with Informations
  • Toilets
  • Food truck

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